We had such a packed and busy day yesterday!  I started the day off early at 6am by rolling out of bed and going for a run on the beach.  It makes running so much more enjoyable when the scenery is so beautiful!  Here is a quick video I made showing you some great HIIT training and I also show you my favorite 5×5 workout that I do when I am traveling (it doesn’t require any equipment and you can do it anywhere).
(Note: My husband teases me all the time because I love cheesy background music – it’s in all these videos….don’t hate!).

After my quick workout on the beach I came home, got ready, and then met Mark Olson for the very first time.  Mark is the owner and founder of MRM and I have really enjoyed getting to know him!  He is a scientist and it is really neat to hear about how the company was built on the foundation of the scientific research he had put into the products and ingredients he was using.  I learned so much about the company. An interesting fact about MRM: It started as a physician-only line and their vitamins and supplements were only given and recommended by doctors.  A few years later Mark decided to open the supplement lines to the public and started getting into stores like Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s etc.  MRM is now sold nation-wide in stores and online retail outlets across the country.

After our beach interview we went to a really cool, local grocery store called Frazier Farms.  We were going to do a grocery shopping trip, but the store was really busy so decided to wait until tomorrow morning to shoot that.  Mark had a chance to interview Dan Frazier and learn about the stores roots and beginnings, and then Mark and I had a chance to talk too.  I am really excited for this interview to come out, I got to learn a lot about the processes in which a lot of their products are made, Mark’s advice to someone who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, and stories about how MRM first got started.  One thing I was so impressed by, was that during our conversations I probably heard Mark say ten different times that the root of living a healthy lifestyle is eating whole foods and getting your nutrients through your food sources.  It was pretty cool to hear the owner of a supplement company talk about and reinforce the same beliefs that I have instead of just trying to push supplements on people.  After visiting Frazier Farms we went to the MRM headquarters and I got to meet everyone in the office (I got video of a few of the guys in the office) and see their warehouse.  Here is some behind the scenes footage recapping the afternoon: