We all have days where we feel insecure in the gym. No matter how far along you’ve come in your fitness journey, you never become immune to it. Days, when it feels like your clothes don’t fit or you feel weak; we’ve all been there. There are a few things I have learned along the way that I want to share with you.

  1. It is normal to have days when you feel like this! When you do, focus on taking care of yourself. Prioritize getting enough rest, feed your body nutritious foods, and recognize that your hormones might just be on “high alert” due to that “time of the month.”
  1. Do not quit! You may want to, and that’s okay, but keep going anyway. If you need to lower the weight or intensity that’s okay, just keep going.
  1. Remind yourself: the actions you set in place today will determine your future results.You may not notice the results day to day, but over time you will. Small changes each day = big results in the end.
  1. Be kind to yourself. When you look in the mirror say positive things to yourself rather than negative. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, dust your knees off, remember your goals, and press forward.

I am right there with you! Some days, I struggle too. We’ve got this!

Your friend,


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