Embracing my Pregnancy Body Changes

Showing and talking about how your body changes during pregnancy. 39 weeks pregnant and embracing the changes!  This soon to be mom-to-2 has workout tips and clean eating recipes/meal plans for free!

I wanted to share these photos with you guys. The left is exactly one year ago when I was getting ready to head to the Arnold Sports Festival and the right was today at 39 weeks pregnant in the same room (no filters on the pics). I know so many of you who follow me are women and that means that pregnancy will or has happened at some point in your life. The thing that I want to show here is that yo ...[Read More]

Curry Shrimp Kabobs – Oxygen Magazine Recipe

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the month - my Oxygen magazine came in the mail!  If you aren't subscribed to this magazine yet, you should.  I always get a ton of healthy recipe ideas and just in general feel motivated and uplifted when I read this magazine.  I've learned a ton about clean eating and resistance training from the articles in this magazine too. Of course, I was excited to ...[Read More]

I Have a Confession to Make…

11 Weeks Pregnant

I have a confession to make.... I hardly worked out at all during my first trimester of this pregnancy. There, I've said it, it's off my chest. Now that that's cleared up, let's talk about how great the second trimester has been!! I'll take a step back.  I found out I was pregnant when we were in Idaho for our annual salmon fishing trip. After I got back from my trip, I still felt great!  I didn't ...[Read More]

How to Grind Your Own Oat Flour

Natalie Hodson

Yesterday I had just finished up with 12 minutes of level 12.0 sprints on the treadmill (which explains the red face and sweaty hair - sorry!) and came home to make a protein shake.  I needed to blend up some more oat flour and made a quick video showing you how I do it.  I use oat flour in most of my breakfast bar/protein bar recipes and I also use 1/3 to 1/2 cup in my post workout shakes. When I ...[Read More]

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa

Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa Recipe adapted from Cooking Light Magazine's 2009 Cilantro-Lime Chicken recipe   2 T fresh cilantro 2 ½ T lime juice (~1¼ limes) 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil ¼ t salt (optional) 4 chicken breasts   Combine all ingredients and marinate several hours.  BBQ until done.  I have also baked the chicken in the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes in a cass ...[Read More]

Clean Eating Works!

Clean Eating Works! Awesome website from a mom who gained 60 lbs during prenancy and got back into shape. She shares recipes and workouts for free!

Clean eating works!! I wish so badly someone would have told me this after I had my son. I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant and had a really hard time losing the weight. I always thought I was eating "healthy" but what I know now is that pre-packaged foods with a ton of ingredients and a lot of sugar won't get you lean and toned - even if the label says, "healthy". I didn't get lean by any crazy ...[Read More]

Stretch Marks – It Happens - this mom gives real life advice about balancing healthy eating with real life

I probably sat here for about 30 minutes before I got the guts to click "post" for this picture, but when I started this page I promised myself I would stay as authentic as possible in all my posts, and I wanted to share with you something that came up in a conversation with some friends tonight - stretch marks. The reality is, that most women have stretch marks somewhere on their body and almost ...[Read More]

The Big Stuff - Natalie Hodson Website

I know this isn't fitness or health related but when I read this last night it really resonated with me. My son is right at that age where he repeats every word you say about 50 times. i.e.: Me: Let's get your shoes on. 2-year old son: Shoes on? Shoes on? Shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Get shoes on? Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Sometime ...[Read More]

Zucchini Tots

I saw this recipe on Pinterest the other day (if you aren't following me yet you should!  Click HERE to see my 'Clean Eats' board).  They looked delicious but had cheese, whole eggs, and italian bread crumbs and I knew I could clean them up even more.  So, I started experimenting in my kitchen and these turned out GREAT!  My 2-year old loved them and I did too!  We will be making these a lot more ...[Read More]

Healthy Grocery Store Trip Video

Healthy Grocery Store Trip

When I first started eating clean I realized that, previously, many of the foods I thought were "healthy" were actually not very healthy at all. Marketing can sometimes be deceiving. The best advice I can give is to always, always read the ingredient list before you put it in your cart at the grocery store. My general rule of thumb is that if it has more than 5 or 6 ingredients, or any ingredients ...[Read More]