At-Home Social Distancing Activities and Resources

I’ve seen a lot of interesting reactions to what’s going on in the world with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), as have all of you, I have no doubt! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and I’ve been trying to think about how I can provide some hope and help during these times. Like Mr. Rodgers said, when scary things are happening, look for the helpers! I want to be one of the helpers. 

I think I have some useful tips and tricks for a situation like this. I joke about being a secret prepper, but, yeah, I’m not really joking! Since I have some knowledge on that subject, I want to share some of it with you. I also have an online business, so a lot of my products are at-home friendly, which is great for a time of social distancing. If you aren’t sure why you should be social distancing, or you want to know more about how social distancing can make a positive impact on this pandemic, you can learn more in my video HERE!

However, I know that many people aren’t in a situation where they can spend any money, so I want to include as many free resources as I can for all of you that are experiencing uncertain employment and/or financial stress. 

When things are hard, I think we all have a moral obligation to lend a hand to each other when we can. Since many of my followers can’t come over for a loaf of homemade bread, I will help in this way. We can all provide help and hope to each other! Hopefully these activities and resources help you!


I started out in the fitness industry, so I have a lot of resources for workouts designed to be done at home, quickly, and with kids!


This is a broad topic, but activites can mean listening to a podcast, cooking, hiking, hanging out with your kids, gardening, reading, etc. Social distancing is hard for me because I’m a person that’s always on the go! If you’re like me, activities are a must during this time. 

  • My Behind the Curtain Podcast is free and covers topics like parenting, health, business, personal growth, gardening, and some personal stories too! 
  • Cooking is a great way to kill time and you can do it with your family or with kids! I have a Crockpot Cookbook, and also a free guide that offers recipes and tips. I also have a ton of free recipes on my blogI have a free guide to making your own bread at home, which can be really helpful right now if your grocery store shelves are bare or you’re looking to avoid the store. 
  • I’m an outdoorsy person, so I have a lot of content about activities to do that allow you to maintain social distancing. You can find a lot of gardening content featured on my Instagram highlights, you can take walks around your neighborhood while listening to a podcast, or find online things to do with your kids
  • Remember that social distancing doesn’t mean you have to stay in your home at all times. Things like hiking, camping, walking, going for a drive, etc. are all great activities that can help with cabin fever.

Career Development

I keep seeing posts that say things like, “Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantined from the plague, stay motivated!” and it honestly lights a bit of a fire under my butt! Staying at home is hard, but it’s also a great time for personal, creative, and career development!

  • My Peak Business Academy is an online class to help you learn how to start an online business from home.
  • My Behind the Curtain Podcast features business topics along with all the other things I talk about. 
  • My favorite career development resources: Russell Brunson’s books have been a major learning tool for my career development and really entertaining and easy to read. Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu is hugely inspirational and motivating. Literally everything Brené Brown does! Haha Her books, podcast, TED talks, blog, etc. is all great!
  • Just like following fitness trainers on Instagram and getting workout highlights, you can do the same for those in your career niche! I love following my entrepreneur mentors on Instagram because they are always posting motivational quotes, free advice, and information in my niche that is beneficial.


It’s really important to maintain some kind of socialization during social distancing to keep yourself from going crazy! Your family and kids are probably spending a lot of time with you, but what about other forms of community? Those are important as well.

  • Our Womanhood is my program designed to be a space for women in the development of body, mind, and soul! We offer a lot of content on healthy eating and working out, but also a Facebook page to interact with other women.
  • Voxer is just a fun way that I keep in contact with all of my girlfriends! It’s easier for me than texting or calling, and it can be a great way to maintain your friendships while you stay at home.
  • Social media can be a double edged sword, but with the right mindset it’s a great way to maintain a community during this time. Post things that are wholesome and positive, create a messaging group with you and your friends where you share funny memes, and practice healthy news consumption in the process. 
  • Video chat is your friend! Kids can play games with each other via video chatting, you can stay in touch with family, and you can grab a drink and jump on a chat with a bunch of friends instead of having a face-to-face hangout.
  • Netflix Party allows you to stream a movie with your friends and chat about it at the same time! I haven’t done it personally, but what a cool idea for having a movie night!

Prepping Hacks

This is my bread and butter! Sort of literally… haha! I talk about my prepping tendencies on my blog and on my podcast! I have a lot of knowledge on things that can really help in times like these that I want to share. I’ll be adding more and more tips on my social media that I’ll keep adding to this list…

  • Easy homemade bread recipe with 7 ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. This is great if your grocery store shelves are bare and you can’t find bread, or if you’re trying to avoid the store altogether. I also shared a sourdough starter recipe on Facebook if you’re interested in making your own! (The recipe is in the comments). 
  • Tutorials on making your own hand sanitizer, baby wipes, deodorant, and disinfectant spray. Many of these things are not available in my grocery store, and if you’re in the same boat this may help.
  • Gardening is a great way to grow some of your own fresh produce when you can’t get some from the store, or you’re avoiding the store as a part of social distancing. Though it’s not the season in Idaho for gardens to be flourishing right now, you can still start planning your garden as spring comes around! I have a ton of tips on gardening and planning in my Instagram gardening highlights!

I love you guys and want to share and help however I can ❤️❤️ We will make it through this, there is hope, and even if it’s just in this digital space… I am here for you.

If you aren’t sure why you should be social distancing, or you want to know more about how social distancing can make a positive impact on this pandemic, you can learn more in my video HERE!

Do you have any tips, resources, or thoughts on at-home social distancing resources and activities? 

We can still help people from home!

So much love,


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