Every day women reach out to me when I share my struggle of battling my way back to fitness while being a mom.

Funny enough, when I talk about the little things that embarrass me the most (like peeing my pants when I work out)

I would get a flood of women saying “OMG, Natalie! Me too!”

The problem is we all were experiencing and sharing the same struggle but nobody was comfortable talking about it out loud.

Even worse there really wasn’t a path to recovery that was easily laid out for us to follow..

And this problem was affecting so many of us!!! It blew my mind that nobody was really leading the charge to help!

You see abdominal weakness, separation, and pelvic floor dysfunction is common and it is easy to overlook for new moms.

A recent study indicated that 32.6% of women had Diastasis Recti 12 months after delivery*. 

Women often face many new things ALL AT ONCE: 
Fatigue, abdominal pain, pelvic pain/weakness, schedule concerns, changes in hormonal environment, social pressure, and ambiguous recovery recommendations. 

Because women are so resourceful, we often go online to find information and motivation that we need to recover, increase body strength, increase endurance, and manage body weight. We noticed that much of the information that is available either costs a fortune, is simply inaccurate, or provides a list of recommendations without an opportunity for exchange of knowledge, motivation, and support. 

In an effort to regain the body we had before delivery, we can get sucked into challenges like “500 Sit-Ups a Day”, “100 Squats every day for a month”, unhealthy nutrition patterns, or running challenges post-pregnancy. Depending on your level of fitness (largely strength and support), delivery timeline, and previous exercise, these types of exercises may cause more harm than benefit. 

Doesn’t everyone pee their pants during high pressure activities like bouncing, jumping, and sneezing? 

That is a common mindset with women who have had children. Just because it is common, does not mean it is healthy, and this is something that can be treated effectively. 

1 in 4 women have symptoms of pelvic floor disorders*

That is 25% of ALL women in the United States. There is a large group of women that have a shared or similar experience with abdominal and pelvic muscle weakness (especially after childbirth.) 

So Monique and I set out on A MISSION!

To help as many women that experience these issues find a path to restoring their body function back to what it was BEFORE they had children…

And that’s when this program born!

To get the support you need, click HERE!

Your Friend,