Recently blogger, Cute & Little, did a review of my Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor program. It is so amazing to have this kind of testimonial for all mamas out there! Diastasis Recti isn’t talked about much when you think of postpartum recovery, but it is something many of us have suffered with.

“It surprised me that diastasis recti was not something commonly talked about (and my OB didn’t mention anything about it during any of my appointments either!).  I remember also asking my coach at the gym about what diastasis recti exercises he recommended to strengthen my core given that I had diastasis recti and he had never heard of the condition so wasn’t sure of what to suggest.  Thank goodness for the internet and I couldn’t have been happier when I saw this Abs, Core and Pelvic Floor 30-Day program created by personal trainer Natalie Hodson alongside Dr. Monique Middlekauff, a specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction.  These two amazing women have long been members of the fitness industry and actually loved reading the section on how they got to know each other in the introductory pages of the program.  Together Natalie and Monique have created a program that targets specifically the issues many women face after childbirth with some diastasis recti exercises.  It’s super easy to read and has a great mix of background information, relatable stories featuring their struggles post childbirth, as well as pictures demonstrating recommended exercises for their training program.”

To read more about Cute & Little’s recovery and how she helped improve her diastasis recti, click HERE