A Healthy Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery

My babies aren’t exactly babies anymore. In fact, my oldest just turned 10 not too long ago! (Geez where does the time go?) But, before now, my body went through the ringer with my pregnancies. I gained 70 pounds with each pregnancy and gave birth to two 10-pound babies. While each pregnancy was somewhat easy in that I didn’t really have any complications, my recovery was HARD for each one. Not only that, but I felt like I couldn’t workout like I used to. I didn’t have the resources to find pregnancy-friendly exercises for my growing tummy. 

After giving birth twice, I didn’t even recognize my body anymore. I remember feeling a lot of shame around this new body I had because of carrying babies.  However, I was immensely proud of what it was able to do. After going through it twice, I realized I wanted to create a program for women that would help them navigate through pregnancy and the “fourth trimester” known as postpartum recovery. 

I won’t give you a filtered version of the beauty of pregnancy, I’ll tell you the unglamorous side as well. I want to talk about the unfavorable changes in our bodies (like extra weight gain and hemorrhoids). I want to talk about the realities of labor (like the “ring of fire” and the actual labor process). I want to talk about recovery (like the bleeding and the crying). I want to share exercises you can actually do with your tummy, growing boobs, and back aches. I want to give you the resources for support that I never had. 

Baby Bump: The Modern Mom’s Guide To Pregnancy and Recovery

Do you want?:

  • A healthy pregnancy, birth, and recovery after baby arrives?
  • To learn how to cope emotionally with your changing body?
  • To know how to maintain a healthy weight gain during pregnancy?
  • All 4 trimesters worth of workouts and guidance on how to workout during pregnancy?
  • Access to an evidence based approach to training during pregnancy?
  • A NEW type of exercise (that you’ve probably never heard of before) to help during pregnancy, labor, and delivery?
  • Stories from other women that have been in the exact same spot as you?
  • Unique “deep core exercises” that will aid in your recovery after baby arrives?

Click HERE to get the support you need during your pregnancy and after!

My Baby Bump Trainer is broken down into four easy-to-follow sections: Mindset, Changes To Your Body, Nutrition, and a Training Program.

The Mindset section will address what’s going on with your feelings and how to stay connected to “your happy.”

The Bodily Changes section will discuss symptoms and growth with your baby.

The Nutrition section will cover suggestions on what to eat and what to avoid as well as managing morning sickness and food aversions.

And the Training Program provides you with a custom set of exercises with each phase of pregnancy in mind. 

My program covers:

  • Diet and supplementation
  • Encouragement and motivation
  • A list of exercises you should avoid after the baby is born
  • Pregnancy-appropriate exercise plans (with written, visual, and video instruction)
  • Specific training programs for each trimester

Every day women reach out to me during various stages of their pregnancy.

Most women feel frustrated because there aren’t many resources available to expecting moms that show the REAL side of pregnancy while giving the proper guidance on exercise and nutrition.

I began sharing my own stories during pregnancy. How I felt frustrated with myself because I couldn’t exercise at the same intensity during pregnancy, how I was worried that my partner would no longer feel attracted to me, and how I was afraid I might not be a good mom.

I would share these struggles and would get a flood of women saying, “Oh my gosh Natalie, me too. I thought I was the only one who felt that way!”

The problem is that most of the fit pregnancy programs on the market are aimed towards “perfection”. However, I believe that showing yourself grace during pregnancy is more important than perfection.

You Are Not Alone!

I started out where you are now. I wanted to know how to keep my fitness level up 

while making sure the exercises I did were safe. If you’re pregnant or expecting to be pregnant, do yourself a favor, and try my Baby Bump Trainer! 

Whether you’re a first time mom or not, my program can impact:

  • Your overall health and fitness during pregnancy
  • Your comfort with the pregnancy, birthing, and recovery process
  • Not feeling alone in the unglamorous side of pregnancy and birth
  • How you feel about your body and the process it’s going through for your baby
  • Questions you have about the “old wives tales” in pregnancy
  • Your overall energy and stress levels
  • Your mental health and self-care
  • Sleep, aches, and pains during and after pregnancy
  • So much more!

If you could use a program that impacts any of those areas, then my Baby Bump Trainer is right for you!

Women face so many new body changes during pregnancy. This includes increases in blood volume, fatigue, morning (or all-day) sickness, heavier breasts, headaches, increased urination, insomnia, vivid dreams, and vague exercise recommendations.

So many women get discouraged because of the changes they see in their body and begin to wonder, “What’s the point of exercising anyway? It’s not worth it.”

Often women are told things like, “Just enjoy pregnancy! You don’t need to work out or watch what you eat. You’re growing a baby! Relax!” But what most women AREN’T told is that doing moderate exercise during pregnancy and focusing on solid nutrition can actually give you more energy, and can lower rates of gestational diabetes, hypertension, and depression.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A immediate-access digital copy of my first, second, third, and “fourth” trimester sections that will each cover mindset, changes to your body, nutrition, and a training program. 
  • Instructions on how to complete each exercise
  • Real stories from other women and their pregnancy/birth experiences
  • Mindest, self-care, and body positivity advice 
  • Recovery and postpartum advice and what that may look like

More than 75% of women aren’t getting enough exercise during pregnancy, and I get it! There aren’t enough resources for pregnant women and most of the resources available don’t talk about the REAL struggles pregnant women face.

So, I set out on a mission.

To help as many women that struggle to stay healthy during pregnancy (and in the vulnerable few months after birth) to have a clear path they can follow throughout each trimester.

And that’s when this program was born! Don’t just take it from me, read these testimonials from real women who used my program:

Click HERE to get the support you need during your pregnancy and after!


If you’re interested and you want a preview of what to expect, click HERE for more information on my Baby Bump Trainer!

If you’re looking to have an active, healthy, and happy pregnancy, don’t let any more time pass before utilizing my Baby Bump Trainer program! Whether you’ve had babies before or not, my program can help you have a special pregnancy and birth where you’ll learn new things about nutrition, exercise, and mindset that can help you with pregnancy, labor, and recovery. Today is the day where you make a plan to have a better pregnancy!

Your body is amazing, and it deserves to have a plan to keep it healthy through this amazing process! No matter what, you’re an amazing woman, and you deserve to think of your body in a positive way while you grow your baby. 

You deserve it! 

xo Natalie

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