Day 3 of my 30 Days of Blogging Challenge!

Sorry for the website issues earlier. I had a temporary restriction put on my website because of some heavy traffic and optimization/caching issues. My host server told me it would be an ‘easy’ problem to fix and when I opened up the link with the instructions to fix it all the code looked like a foreign language to me. Luckily I have an awesome brother who codes for a living. I always wonder if he secretly gets really gets annoyed when I ask him all my computer questions, but he was nice enough to drop what he was doing, get on and fix all the issues for me without any complaints. There are some perks of having nine siblings – someone always knows how to fix a problem you are having.  This is my brother and his girlfriend – aren’t they cute?!

Anyways, back to the topic of the post….a few weeks ago I put this status on my Facebook page:

The post triggered a debate and I really appreciated everyone who stepped in to comment and participate in the discussion.  Whether you agreed with my post or not, I thought it was a great conversation. The next day I put up a post asking people for suggestions and recommendations of healthy breakfasts their kids enjoy, and the feedback was wonderful! So many of you shared some awesome ideas that I took away and started using with my 3-year old also!  I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas you had and from those ideas came up with a list of 7 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat a Healthier Breakfast:

1. Ditch the Donuts. Keeping junk food out of your house will not only save on your grocery bill, but will force your kids to make healthier options in the morning. I loved what Abeer Salam said, “I may not be a mom, but my parents made it very simple: No junk food at home, you either have the eggs and whole wheat toast, lots of fruit, whole wheat pancakes, or nothing at all. You don’t need to baby kids into eating what you eat, make it simple – non-negotiable. My parents both worked, while we were getting ready in the morning my mom would cook breakfast – simple and healthy. Plus, since we didn’t have junk food at home we weren’t aware it existed or was even an option. Their method worked, and I plan on doing the same with my own kids.”

2. Be a Sneaky Mom (or Dad).  You can easily blend spinach into your kids’ smoothies and they won’t be able to taste it – I promise!  If the green color freaks them out just add some blueberries and it will turn the entire shake purple.  Samantha Ciaccio said, “You can hide spinach and kale and carrots and almost anything in them! My son loves them and asks for them more than once a week!!”  Here is a video I filmed with showing you how I freeze my extra spinach so that it doesn’t go bad before I get a chance to use it: