I stood at the edge of the Salmon River in early October, and I felt the feeling I’d been searching for: Peace. The air was cold, the river was loud, and the sun lit up the water like it was showing off just for me. I felt a smile cross my rosey face, which was red from the crisp air. I could almost feel my mood levels rising. My attitude improved, my inner self perked up, and I felt happy and thankful for this place. 

The reason I went to this spot a few months ago was because I had been feeling overwhelmed and overworked. My inner self, motivation, and inspiration was dwindling, and I knew I needed a recharge. For me, the place that recharges me is the mountains. Unfortunately, I can’t always get there, so I have a few other tactics to help me if I need a boost. Yours may be different than mine, but here’s what works for me!

Write in a Gratitude Journal

When I first heard about using a gratitude journal, I sort of wrote it off. I thought it was sort of silly, and that I’d never keep up with doing something like that. Also, can’t you just think about what you’re grateful for? Why do you have to write it down? I should have known, since I’m a “pen and paper” kind of gal, that the act of writing it down does have some power to it. If you’re looking for a way to be a better you, or to be more positive, you might try a gratitude journal. When it comes to mindset, it can be a great practice to write down something you’re thankful for each day. If you’re like me, some days you’ll want to write way too many things, and that’s a really beautiful feeling. Also, it’s quick, so it won’t feel like such a cumbersome assignment each day. 

Buy Yourself Flowers

I wrote a blog post about finding the little things that make you happy. One of the things I wrote about was getting flowers. Looking at a vase of pretty flowers always picks me up, so I began buying them for myself. Or picking the sunflowers from my garden and putting them in a vase. If you want flowers, go buy them! You deserve something little that makes you happy, and you don’t have to wait for someone else to do it for you. Walking by them, smelling them, and seeing them light up my kitchen provides me with a mood boost, and buying them for myself makes me feel a small sense of independence and empowerment over my own happiness. If you want a little pick-me-up, try buying yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers!  

Find 15 Minutes for Meditation 

Sometimes my mind is a little too active to meditate, but I’ve found that there are a ton of different ways to meditate. Finding the right options for me has helped me to be a better version of myself in terms of self-care and slowing down. It doesn’t have to be every day, but try to make time for 15 minutes of meditation. This can mean sitting down with a cup of hot coffee without your phone, taking a walk by yourself, going into your garden, writing in your journal, or even stretching before a workout. The key is for you to spend that time alone, and for you to be unplugged and present.

Cook Something New

I’ve always found that trying something new helps me to grow, and one way I do that is to cook something I’ve never cooked before. In the colder months, that mostly consists of instant pot and crockpot recipes (find my crockpot cookbook HERE). Not only does this help in exercising the mind, it’s also exciting to do something you’ve never done before. Plus, cooking can be such a cathartic activity. It really is a type of meditation in many ways. You’re also helping be a better you by working to find new ways to nourish your body while also providing a new task for your mind. Trying a new recipe sounds so small, but it can do big things for your mindset. 

Find Your Mountains

Having a physical place that resets your mind and provides you with peace can be such a helpful thing to have in your back pocket. It’s a place that’s yours, and it can be used to spend some time with yourself to recharge. Mine is the mountains, but maybe yours is different. Maybe it’s your backyard, a bookstore, a park, or even Target! Use this place as a tool to get back to what’s important, to reset your mind, and to spend some time alone. Being in the mountains makes me feel a sense of calm. I feel inspired, happy, and thankful. Wherever your place is, make sure it makes you feel all of those things as well.

Sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming. Whether I’m stressed, sad, overworked, or overwhelmed, each of these things help me to be better. Taking care of yourself should always be a top priority, and it doesn’t mean you’re selfish by doing so. You are the only person who can give yourself a happy life, and here are a few small ways to help you in doing that.

Do you have things you do that help you be a better version of yourself? What are they?

xo Natalie