30 Day Blogging Challenge!!

I am the queen of starting blog posts and never actually finishing them.  I was cleaning some things up on my website this week and realized that I have a ton of blog posts that I’ve started and never finished!  The crazy part is that they are almost completely done, I just had a few final touches left, and then it kept getting pushed further and further down my to-do list, then so much time went by that I just never posted them.  SO, I decided to give myself a challenge for the month of September.  I am going to do a 30-Day Blogging Challenge where I do one blog post every single day!  Crazy, right?

I have a few vlogs that are ready to post and not everything will necessarily be fitness related.  Some things might be about mommy/kids stuff, some things might be about nutrition/meals, some things might be about family, etc.  I want to write about things that I get commonly asked like training/supplements while breastfeeding, I want to write about my experience at the Mr. Olympia event I will be at the end of the month, I want to share with you some post-partum body thoughts I have had, tips for getting kids to eat healthy, making your own baby food, and I want to share with you some ideas I have for my 3-year old’s 4th birthday at the end of the month.  I may throw a few guest blogs in here, so if you are interested in doing a guest post leave a comment below!  Who knows, things might be really random, but I hope you enjoy it!

Your Friend,

PS – If I fall behind this post *may* count towards the final 30 we will see!  😉

Here is a list of the posts I wrote about each day:
Day 1 – The Truth About a Mommy’s PostPartum Tummy
Day 2 – Where to Begin… (Tips for Getting Started When Making a Healthy Lifestyle Change)
Day 3 – 7 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat a Healthier Breakfast
Day 4 – Is Protein Powder Safe to Use when Pregnant and Nursing?
Day 5 – ‘Everything’ Chicken Recipe – Easy, Delicious & Healthy!
Day 6 – My Thoughts on IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)
Day 7 – My Babies Are Growing Up…
Day 8 – Product Review!  MRM All Natural ‘Reload’ (BCAA+G)
Day 9 – Halloween: My Favorite Holiday!
Day 10 – Sample of My Daily Meals
Day 11 – Healthy Baked Calamari!
Day 12 – Natalie Hodson’s MRM Stack – coming soon!
Day 13 – Stretched Skin After Pregnancy
Day 14 – An Update on My Husband’s Accident
Day 15 – How to Handle Sugar Cravings
Day 16 – Mr. Olympia!
Day 17 – Recipe of the Month! Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake
Day 18 – Tips for Getting Ready for a Big Event
Day 19 – Fun Sandwich Ideas for Kids (Guest Post: Valerie Kirkland)
Day 20 – Angry Birds Birthday
Day 21 – 10 Things you MUST Try at Trader Joes
Day 22 – Being an Example for the Little Ones (Guest Post: James Wilson)
Day 23 – What I Learned from my Recent Fitness Photo Shoot
Day 24 – My Current Training Program
Day 25 – Big Ideas








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  • Ok! I will email you guys with the email address you used to comment 🙂

  • I LOVE this idea… After months of procrastinating on starting my own fitness/health blog I finally launched it about a week ago. So far I’ve posted four articles in that time which I’m really pumped about. However I can definitely see myself going down the road of drafts in the future like you mention. Starting them and then not putting those finishing touches on to post!! 🙂 I will keep this challenge in mind in the future and may use it to motivate myself when the time comes. Love your blog. Would love to collaborate on one someday! 🙂

  • HI Natalie! I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to weight lift again. I love how candid and honest you are! Before I get back in the gym and start lifting again, I had a question for you. I’m training for a trail half marathon in November. I run between 25-30 miles a week, would that be too much to start weight lifting? Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! :^)

  • Hi Natalie,
    I just love you site and you story. Your a inspiring me to love my post pregnancy body while I’m getting back into shape. My little man is 2 months old and I too am breastfeeding, so I am trying to take it slow with the weight loss because I don’t want to jeopardize my milk supply. I have been trying to follow the clean eating plan a long with any type of exercise I can fit in between my two year old and my two month old.
    I love all the different food you get from trader joes( and believe it or not I have never been there) and I was thinking you should do a blog day on what healthy foods you like to purchase from trader Joe’s and also costco.
    Thanks for sharing you journey and you look amazing 🙂

  • Natalie,

    Your posts are always awesome on so many levels! I love the content first and foremost. I’m also inspired that you are able to blog once daily for 30 days! IMPRESSIVE!! I blog myself. My goal is once per week and that doesn’t always happen. Kudos to you!! Thanks for helping moms everywhere. 🙂


  • Thanks Jill! I haven’t been as great with the challenge this week and posts have been a little more spread out. Oh well! It was a fun challenge but definitely not something I could keep up long term 🙂 It helped that I had a whole bunch of half-written posts that I just had to finish too.

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