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What Type of Digital Product is Right For You?

It’s really funny to think that I sell digital products for a living! For being in the online world for over 10 years now, you’d think I’d be more techy than I am! But it’s definitely a skill I’ve been working on all these years, not one I’m naturally good at. Despite my issues with technology, I absolutely love the digital product world.  Digital products are the way of the…Read More

Managing the Unexpected: When a Wrench is Thrown Into Your Plans

We’ve all been there… The unexpected happens. You plan a trip but your flight gets cancelled. You’re training for a marathon but you sprain an ankle. You save money for something but your car breaks down. It’s a part of life that’s hard and stressful to manage. And whether it happens in your business or in your personal life, a wrench in your plans can be disheartening.  But it’s all…Read More

How Creating an Avatar Can Help You Connect to Your Customers

Nailing down your dream customer is just as much about repelling people as it is about attracting people. That may sound harsh, but it really just comes down to understanding who you’re selling to. That’s why it’s important to create an avatar. Your messaging needs to be crystal clear. This is probably the biggest moving piece in my company as I work to get into the mind of my dream…Read More