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You Do Not Need to Be an Expert in Order to Sell Something

I’m not the best personal trainer. I’m not the best online business coach. I’m not the best cook. I’m not the best mindset coach. I’m not the best at a lot of things! I’m not the go-to expert in any of these areas. But guess what? I have sold products in each one of those categories.  So many people have a passion in some area — whether that’s fitness, mindset,…Read More

How Can I Tell My Story in a Way That Connects to People?

What is my story? There’s Natalie who is a single mom with two kids trying to run her own business. Natalie who peed her pants on camera and wrote a book on pelvic floor dysfunction. There’s new mom Natalie who mowed lawns and sold Scentsy to try to make money while staying home with her babies. Young Natalie who visited her mom in prison and tried to remember no one…Read More