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What Is a Digital Product?

I. Love. Digital. Products! I have a few products that are physical. For example, many of my books used to come in a physical version as well as an eBook. I have shirts that I sell within my 21-Day Challenge, I had a jewelry line, I sell some swag, and I used to have my own line of protein powder. As of now I’m mostly selling online digital products. Why?…Read More

How Building a Business is Like Building a Shelf

I know that’s a weird concept, but hear me out! I’m a mess. I got on an organizational kick a few months ago, and that led me to my archnemesis: shelves. These shelves kicked my butt! I spent hours during multiple days on these shelves. My kids helped. My sister helped. My Instagram followers helped. The only thing that didn’t help were the instructions! It was so frustrating! I built…Read More