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Vulnerability and Mario Kart

I want to talk about being vulnerable with the people in your life — your friends, your family members, your audience, your clients, your customers, etc. I also want to relate this to Mario Kart, which will hopefully make sense in a bit. The point of this blog post is to talk about the science of vulnerability, and how powerful it can be in making connections in your life, whether…Read More

Why it’s Okay to Set Boundaries

I’d love to be completely open with everyone. I think being vulnerable and honest is how we create the most authentic and beautiful connections with people. Those connections are some of my favorite parts about life. I think my ability to connect to others is my real talent. I may not be the smartest, prettiest, fastest, strongest, or funniest, but I think my connections make me special. However, I don’t…Read More

Why it’s Important to Make Time

I have a really big family. I am one of ten siblings between each side of my family, and not all of them live near me. Recently I made time to visit some of my family in Utah who I don’t get to see very often, and I was able to see some friends that I don’t see often, either. My kids got to see cousins and family members and…Read More

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

I had an experience this week where I talk to my kids about sex. They had a lot of follow up questions, so I thought I’d write about my experience. I’d love to open up a conversation and get your guys’ thoughts, and then provide some resources on some of my favorite books about the topic. I want to preface this by saying I am definitely not an expert in…Read More

The Meaning Behind Our Womanhood

If I had to find some items to encompass what it’s like to be the woman I am, it would be an interesting assortment of belongings. It might include some sparkly earrings, my favorite lipstick, and self-tanner. It might also include my favorite ball cap, a fishing pole, and my hiking boots. It would include my gardening gloves, a photo of my kids, and my grill. Maybe a pair of…Read More