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Why I’ll Never Use Shame as a Tool for Motivation

My entire business started because my body wasn’t what it used to be after I had my kids. I had a hard time with the changes that my body experienced, and often had trouble looking at myself in the mirror as a result. Through the work I put in to make my body something I loved again, I also had to undergo a lot of changes in my mind. Those…Read More

Why Gardening is Good for My Mental Health

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know my obsession with my garden. It’s July, and it’s really picking up! I have tomatoes, okra, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, and so many more fruits and veggies flourishing! I walk into my garden every day, and it leaves me feeling at peace and happy every single time. It’s a lot of work, but with each little sprout I feel accomplished. This sense…Read More

My First Backpacking Adventure with My Kids

In late June, I decided to take my kids on their first backpacking adventure with me! We hiked the Sawtooths, which is one of my favorite places ever, and then made a fire and had hot dogs and s’mores (smoreos!) before camping overnight at a camp spot. Though this wasn’t a normal backpacking trip, it was a good way to ease them into it. I also focused on the lessons…Read More

Make Sure You’re the Dumbest One in Your Boardroom

My boardroom tends to be my house, one of my employee’s houses, or a restaurant somewhere, but that’s not really the point. The lesson still applies, and that’s to make sure you’re hiring people that make you and your business better. It’s not an ego contest, it’s about bringing on top talent to help you if you’re trying to run any kind of small business. Hiring people who know more…Read More