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They Are Only This Little Today

When my son, Lincoln, was a baby, he was such a sensitive soul. I remember when he was a baby, our cat jumped on the counter and I yelled, “hey!” so the cat would jump down, and my boy cried like I’ve never seen him cry before. My daughter, Phoenix, almost never cried until she was about 6-months-old, and I thought something was wrong with her. However, she’s always been…Read More

Mom Guilt

A few months ago, I left my kids sitting at their school without me for an hour. As I say that, my stomach tightens. It was one of many times where I felt intense mom guilt. The story behind how this happened is filled with highs, but left me feeling self-conscious about the perception others may have had about the situation. Ultimately, my kids were fine, my support system showed…Read More

Feel What You Feel

Just like everyone else, I have days where I’m not feeling great. I have days where my kids make me crazy, I hate the way I look, and I feel like a failure. Some days I shut down, I get wrapped up in the negative, and I do the bare minimum. On those days, I not only feel like a failure, I feel like an impostor. I speak so openly…Read More

Find the Little Things That Make You Happy

Life moves quickly. Each day’s responsibilities, variables, and complications tend to overwhelm us and take us away from the here and now. I totally get buried in errands, responsibilities I forgot about, and homework assignments that my kids need help with. Sometimes these distractions from the present are less pleasant and involve stresses, arguments, and anxiety. This is why it’s important to find the little things that make you happy.…Read More

7 Tips for Budgeting, Spending Less, & Paying off Debt

I’ll never forget what it felt like when my ex-husband sat next to me and told me that he thought I needed to go back to work so that we could pay our bills. I was holding my brand new 2-month-old baby and I wasn’t ready to leave him in daycare yet. So, I was doing everything I could to make money. I mowed lawns, babysat, and picked up any…Read More