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How To Balance Everything

I remember when I first got started in the fitness industry… I used to always wonder how do these people balance it all? How do they balance working out, and eating healthy, and raising kids, and being a good wife, and a good mom, and all the things? As if there was some secret that I was missing out on that other people knew about that I didn’t. It wasn’t…Read More

Protein Berry Granola Breakfast

Many mornings I have a filling, high carb, high protein breakfast that gives me constant fuel/energy until lunchtime. Fast and easy like cereal but a much better alternative! Ingredients ½ cup frozen mixed berries ½ scoop vanilla B2B protein powder ½ cup plain greek yogurt ¾ cup granola (choose a brand that is lowest in sugar) 1 cup unsweetened almond milk Directions Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix…Read More

Obsessively Geek Out

Every single time that I want to get better at something or I was struggling with something, there’s one pattern that I repeat over and over and over, and that is, finding the person who is the most successful in that area, and I obsessively geek out on their content. On what they’re doing. I try to learn from them. I try to model them. I obsessively focus on the…Read More

My Pelvic Floor Journey

I remember the day I was filming, I was mid-workout when I felt a dripping sensation down my legs, and as I felt my shorts I quickly realized they were drenched. I had PEED MY PANTS, on camera in front of a bunch of people.I realize you might be laughing right now. Trust me, my first reaction was to laugh and I still laugh about it now whenever I think…Read More