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Breastfeeding….When to Wean

The past few months I’ve been wrestling with the idea of weaning my daughter.  With both of my kids, I never really set out with the intention for nursing them for a particular period of time.  For us, breastfeeding has just been easier…when the baby gets fussy, I can nurse her to calm her down….when I’m putting the baby to sleep, it’s not a fight to get her down if…Read More

Carly Matson

Carly Matson – #OwnItCampaign

**Note from Natalie**  I got teary-eyed when I received Carly’s email (good tears).  I feel like she completely understood and got the message we are trying to share here with the #ownitcampaign.  Thank you Carly, truly and sincerely, for sharing your message.  Your words are going to help and encourage so many people. – Natalie ——————————————- I’ve been following your blog recently and love this #ownitcampaign. I have to be…Read More

Veggie Protein MRM Giveaway

Giveaway! MRM Veggie Protein

Last week I did a blog post (you can read it here) letting you know why I use a plant-based protein on occasion and why I like it.  I had so many people let me know that you would be interested in trying it, so I reached out to MRM and they graciously agreed to do a giveaway! This blend of protein powder has a complete amino acid profile and…Read More

Amanda Cookson

Amanda Cookson – #ownitcampaign

I wanted to share my story… I am through the other side of Post Natal Depression. For a long time I always had in the back of my mind, “I WISH I’d been happier… bonded with my baby … I’d done this differently”… but you know what? No more wishing, I’ve moved to accepting. Accepting that PND is just another aspect of my journey to becoming a Mum. Accepting that…Read More

Early Morning Workouts

Top 4 Tips for Working Out Early

Yesterday I told you in this post here why I like working out early.  Pretty much every morning I contemplate sleeping through my alarm, and the first five minutes I’m awake I want to head back to bed.  But, once I am up and going I never regret waking up early to workout.  Whenever I fall out of my normal routine of waking up early to workout, it can seem…Read More