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Bikini Ready Abs

4 Exercises to Get Bikini-Ready Abs

In this video I show you four of my favorite ab exercises that you can do at home to get your abs ready for the beach.  If you try these let me know what you think! —— Natalie is a mom of two showing how to balance family, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

5-Minute Busy Mom Makeup Tutorial

5-Minute Busy Mom Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the kind of makeup I wear, and so I put together a quick little video showing you my routine in the morning!  I start the video with no makeup on – hope I don’t scare you away with my puffy, up-all-night-with-the-baby eyes!  😉 Your friend, Natalie ps – don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter while you are here!  It’s quick…Read More

A Marathon Story

My First Marathon…..A Story

I was trying to organize things for my taxes last night and was going through a box of old papers. As I was sorting through everything I found a printed-out copy of this email I sent after my first marathon! It was really fun to read through this, and since I know a lot of you guys are runners I thought you might like reading it too. I wish I…Read More

Healthier Alternative to Crystal Light

Healthier Alternative to Crystal Light

I put up a video last week with tips for getting in your daily water intake. Another tip that I didn’t include in the video is to flavor your water. For those of you who love Crystal Light, I would encourage you to consider switching to True Lemon or True Lemonade. It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners and tastes just as good as Crystal Light. Most of the time I…Read More

Do Girls Get Bulky From Lifting Weights

Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky?

I have been a long distance runner for most of my life.  I started running when I was in fifth grade because my best friend’s parents were making her join the cross country team and she didn’t want to go by herself.  I remember the day vividly because the only tennis shoes I owned were those old school white Keds, so that is what I showed up in for my…Read More