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Mocha Frappuchino

Protein-Packed Mocha Frappuccino: August 2013

Starbucks ain’t got nothing on this protein-packed faux Mocha Frappuccino!  Haha, just teasing but a lot of times I try to spice up my protein shakes to make them taste more like a treat and this one really hit the spot.  I love stopping at Starbucks.  I really love it.  I use my Starbucks app more than I’d like to admit, and my husband hates how much I spend there. …Read More

Guilt Free Waffles: July 2013

I recently had to live in a hotel for three months after my husband had a bad accident with a commercial grade lawnmower (out of state) and almost lost his left foot!  Luckily they were able to save his foot after a huge surgery, but while he was recovering we didn’t have clearance to travel home and so had to live in a small hotel room (with a 4 month…Read More

Strawberry Chocolate Mint Protein Shake

Product Review: MRM All Natural Whey

On common question I often get asked is in regards to supplements.  In general, I believe that we should get our nutrients from food.  Whole food is the best source of vitamins and micronutrients.  With that being said, sometimes in our busy schedules it is tough to get all the nutrients we need and that is when supplements can play a great role into your nutrition.  I tend to keep…Read More

MRM Free Samples Sports Performance Kit

Want Some Free MRM Samples?!

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “what supplements do you use”.  For the past two years I have used MRM supplements.  I like this company because they use really high quality ingredients (for example their whey protein comes from domestically sourced cows where no hormones were used in the cows and the cows are predominantly grass fed, their salmon oil comes from salmon who weren’t…Read More