1. Of course, always follow your doctors advice!

2. In most cases can continue exercise exertion to the same exact as you had pre-pregnancy.

3. Later in pregnancy you may find that your exertion for something like walking up stairs, causes you the same time of exertion as a HIIT workout pre pregnancy. That’s ok.

4. Sometimes you will feel SO tired and the thought of working out is just too much. That’s ok too. Try to balance your workouts for days when you have extra energy! The second trimester is perfect for this!

5. Towards the end of pregnancy you may have to alter your workouts to provide convenience for that bump!

6. Relaxin is a hormone that causes your ligaments to loosen, because of this you want to be EXTRA cautious because it can cause you unexpectedly fall, or may cause you to be extra flexible- which isn’t always a good thing!

7. Core and breathing exercises are totally OK while pregnant, if done correctly, AND can aid in a better delivery and recovery.

8. Extra hydration is key! With an increase in fluids in your body for the baby, you also need to drink more! I always shoot for at least my pregnant body weight in ounces, so as my weight goes up, continue to drink more!

9. Always Always Always listen to your body. Remember, done is better than perfect.

10. A warm bath is the perfect aid for muscle recovery from working out, and from sore pregnant joints!

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