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Where to begin your Weight Loss Journey- with MRM

Getting to the gym is the hardest part of the workout. You have to get dressed, find some sort of childcare and then drive there. Even if you workout from home, you have to get dressed, motivated, and then figure out how to entertain your kids for the half hour so you’re not interrupted between each set. But the important part to remember is that you just have to move. Whether it be at a gym, or a ...[Read More]

Remember What is Really Important Here…

Remember What is Really Important Here…

Remember, your closest friends love you because of the kind of person you are, the way you remember to call when they are feeling down, because you laugh with them over fun memories. Not because the scale was three pounds lighter today. Your children love you because you show them that you love them unconditionally, you tell them bed time stories until they nod off to sleep, and you are present at ...[Read More]

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Check out my recent FREE podcast episode with Drew and Lynn Manning: fit2fat2fit.com/podcast On the podcast I chat about: - Gaining and losing 70 lbs with each of my pregnancies - How to get motivated - How to balance kids, work and your health - How to make healthy eating more affordable And you guys, I shared by most embarrassing moment that no one but my husband knew about. Oh man. Any guesses ...[Read More]

Q&A: How Do I Gauge Portion Sizes (Especially When Eating Out)?

Portion Sizes

Members Only Video! Today's Question is from Kylie S. and she asked, “Hey Natalie!  Thank you so much for answering these questions in your vlogs it is really helpful.  My question is about portion sizes.  I struggle with knowing how big or small of portions I should be having on things like carbs, fats, and protein.  I get really confused when I am trying to go out to eat too.  Do you have any su ...[Read More]

What is the BEST Way to Lose Fat??

Best way to lose fat

Last week I told you I would pick one of your guys' questions from Facebook and answer it in a vlog. Here you go! Samantha J. asks, "I want to know the true best way to shed fat! Is it low carbs, no fat, no dairy, no meat?! All the different diets are overwhelming." In this short video, I tell you my top two tips for losing weight and keeping it off long term. Just so you know, members of my site ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 1 (Progress Pictures, Workouts & Meals)

Day 1BW

Day 1 I spent a good bit of time last night putting together my meals on paper and in MyFitnessPal.  The downside of tracking all your macros is that it is quite time consuming.  Yes, it works great, but it's another reason why I don't enjoy counting macros (IIFYM) year round because it can become obsessive.  For 3-5 weeks though I don't mind doing it and it definitely does work.  This is what it ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Week 1 Nutrition Overview

4-Week Shred

  This post is going to be an overview of how I structure my nutrition when I am trying to lean down.  Then I will do updates throughout each of the weeks that show you meal plans, and daily pictures of what the numbers below look like when put into meals. Typically when I am in maintenance mode I will aim to keep my calories at 14-15 times my current body weight.  For me, 155 is usually my m ...[Read More]


New Year

  I am not allowed to workout for 4-6 weeks because of my surgery, but I would love nothing more than being able to serve and help you guys with the start of this new year. I've found that when I am sad or discouraged, changing my focus on serving and helping others really puts me in a good place. I am going to offer 20% off both of my training programs for next three days using the code NEWY ...[Read More]

Can You Eat Fruit While Losing Weight? (video)

  In this Members Only video, Natalie answers this question from America on Facebook: "To eat fruit or not to?  I am so confused and I don't know how much fruit to eat a day.  I am trying to stay away from sugar for obvious reasons, but mostly to lose weight.  Should I, or should I not eat fruit as part of a clean diet?"   ------------------------