Can I use Protein Powder while Nursing or Pregnant?

Protein while nursing or pregnant?

Hi guys! One of the questions I am asked most is, “Can I use protein powder while I am pregnant or nursing?” One thing to remember is that unless your child has a specific allergy there is no need to go on a special diet while breastfeeding your baby. Instead, focus on making healthy choices to help fuel your milk production (I will talk about this more in a minute).  According to The American Col ...[Read More]

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Check out my recent FREE podcast episode with Drew and Lynn Manning: On the podcast I chat about: - Gaining and losing 70 lbs with each of my pregnancies - How to get motivated - How to balance kids, work and your health - How to make healthy eating more affordable And you guys, I shared by most embarrassing moment that no one but my husband knew about. Oh man. Any guesses ...[Read More]

My 70lb Pregnancy Weight Gain

41 Weeks Pregnants

I always gain a lot of weight when I am pregnant, even with this last pregnancy where I still worked out and watched what I ate. I was around 218lbs when I delivered my little girl (and, no, I wasn't pregnant with twins! Ha). I always get really chubby cheeks and a HUGE belly! Although at the time I was embarrassed of my round cheeks in this video, I am so glad my husband filmed this so I have the ...[Read More]

Thank You

Thank You

  I've been a little quiet with updates on my blog lately.  It's funny because three weeks ago, right after this ectopic pregnancy happened, I really wanted to talk about it.  Talking, writing, and sharing my feelings made me feel better and I think it was a good step in the healing process.  But, the past few weeks I just haven't felt like talking about things.  My husband is back to his bus ...[Read More]

Avocado Tree

avocado tree

    I would have had a really tough time making it through this week without the help and support of so many of our friends. Without any family here in TX, we have had to rely so much on our friends and neighbors here for help. So many of our sweet friends have watched our kids, made us meals, and sent flowers. Today my friends @rebekahmaines & @mrshanks10 (Instagram) surprised me by ...[Read More]



    Flipping through Instagram all I think when I see everyone happy and celebrating the new year, "I don't care - next person. I don't care about you - next person. You and your stupid happy family - next person. Constantly scrolling until I just have to put my phone down because every freakin person I follow is happy tonight (go figure - a normally happy person follows happy people). N ...[Read More]



    Thank you so much to everyone who has left kind and supportive comments.  I read every single one and truly appreciated reading the stories of other people who have gone through this.  Last night was a really hard night for me.  I was here in the hospital by myself and just very sad.  I'm still trying to process everything that happened.  I tear up when I think about the baby that wa ...[Read More]

Some Sad News…


    I debated putting this on online for the world to know about, but it makes me feel better to talk about it. I have some sad news. I was really excited  to find out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant but hadn't really told anyone yet. I was out of town in Utah and Idaho for Christmas last week and was having some spotting and light cramping but because both were so light I decided to ...[Read More]

Stretched Skin on Stomach After Pregnancy – #ownit

Stretched Skin After Pregnancy

I put a video up on my Facebook page yesterday, and when I posted it, I had no clue that it was going to go viral. In the 24 hours since I posted it, the video has had half a million views and was shared more than 1,300 times. My heart was pounding when I hit 'post' because it is always scary to share things that make you feel vulnerable, but reading through the comments and seeing everyone tag me ...[Read More]

Learning to Love Your Post Pregnancy Body

Natalie Hodson showing how her stomach has changed after having a baby

When I was pregnant with my first son in 2009 I gained a lot of weight (around 60 lbs) and had a big baby (he was 10 lbs).  I remember going home after he was born feeling shocked that I still looked six months pregnant!  I remember crying at three months postpartum, looking at a saggy tummy in the mirror and feeling hopeless because I didn't think I would ever feel comfortable in my own skin agai ...[Read More]