At some point EVERYONE has to JUMP

Running a Marathon

Everybody, at some point in their life has to jump if you want to be successful. Jumping is the hardest thing for people to do. But you have to jump. If you never jump, you'll never be successful. My brother talked me into RUNNING back to our hotel from the restaurant tonight in Jackson Hole. I haven't ran miles in a while, so I was nervous....but we crushed out 7 miles together at an 8.5 mile pac ...[Read More]

Love your Lines

Perfectly Imperfect

I used to feel ashamed of my faded stretch marks and loose skin from pregnancy. For a long time, I felt like it was unfair that I could get in really good shape but no matter what I did, I still had soft skin that wrinkled when I bent over and little faded stretch marks everywhere. Self acceptance was a long journey for me. Once I learned that my self-worth was so much more than just my outer shel ...[Read More]

Joanne MacGregor – #ownitcampaign


  I never had a healthy relationship with my body or food growing up. I was 10 when I first decided I was too fat and my boobs were too small. I was five feet tall and 110 lbs and most of all, ten years old! My mother used to threaten me that I would end up fat like my aunt if I didn't stop eating, and I believed what she told me. I went through binge and purge cycles starting at 12 years old ...[Read More]

Negative Self Talk #ownitcampaign


  This weekend's event had me surrounded by most of the top people in the fitness industry. On the plane ride home today I started thinking back to the first time I went to an event like this. I always would get really nervous before each of these events and I would really start to internally pick apart all my perceived flaws. It's hard, sometimes, when you are surrounded by so many beautiful ...[Read More]

Stacey Lee – #ownitcampaign

Stacey Lee OIC

Note from Natalie: Stacey thank you so much for sharing your story with us!  You have a beautiful way with words and I was really touched reading about your struggles, courage, and how you have found strength through your fit fam (I can totally relate to that!).  You are doing a great job mama.  Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. Much love, Natalie ---------------------------------- ...[Read More]

Carly Matson – #OwnItCampaign

Carly Matson

**Note from Natalie**  I got teary-eyed when I received Carly's email (good tears).  I feel like she completely understood and got the message we are trying to share here with the #ownitcampaign.  Thank you Carly, truly and sincerely, for sharing your message.  Your words are going to help and encourage so many people. - Natalie ------------------------------------------- I've been following your ...[Read More]

Amanda Cookson – #ownitcampaign

Amanda Cookson

I wanted to share my story… I am through the other side of Post Natal Depression. For a long time I always had in the back of my mind, “I WISH I’d been happier… bonded with my baby … I’d done this differently”… but you know what? No more wishing, I’ve moved to accepting. Accepting that PND is just another aspect of my journey to becoming a Mum. Accepting that I am who I am. There’s no point lookin ...[Read More]

Stretched Skin on Stomach After Pregnancy – #ownit

Stretched Skin After Pregnancy

I put a video up on my Facebook page yesterday, and when I posted it, I had no clue that it was going to go viral. In the 24 hours since I posted it, the video has had half a million views and was shared more than 1,300 times. My heart was pounding when I hit 'post' because it is always scary to share things that make you feel vulnerable, but reading through the comments and seeing everyone tag me ...[Read More]