Sweet Potato Chips

This is how I will sometimes prep my sweet potatoes for the week. I cut them into slices and sprinkled cinnamon and truvia on top (I cut up 5 sweet potatoes and only needed to use two packets of truvia). I only did one side but you could flip them and put the cinnamon/truvia on both sides if you wanted. I cooked them for about 35 minutes on 350. Once they were cooled I portioned them out and put them in 5 different ziploc baggies (each between 4-6 ounces weighed on my food scale after they have been cooked) so all I have to do is grab one packet, grab a lean protein source, some veggies, and go! :)

You could also play around with the spices and do things like garlic powder, chili powder, etc.


  1. Hi Natalie, found you a few months ago and have been following you ever since. I just think you are darling. I have really cleaned up my food since finding you and all your helpful advice. I have learned a tremendous amount about eating clean from you and your videos. I am down 35 pounds in the last three months and still want to lose another 35 to 40. Thank you for letting the Lord guide you in doing this because I feel he drove me to you for all your incite in this way of life :)
    Do you know the breakdown of calories and carbs on this dish?

    • Natalie says:

      Wow Tina thank you SO much for your kind words – your post really touched me. I am working on getting the caloric breakdown for all my recipes and will have it up in the next week or two :)

  2. beckyboo says:

    As of now your site is officially my favourite to visit ;-) Thank you so much for your recipes and inspiring blogs! I do the above recipe but sprinkle them with dried rosemary, very yummy. I’m off to the supermarket now to get ingredients to make some of your other dishes, thanks again x

    • Natalie says:

      Becky thanks for leaving such a nice comment!! These sound delicious with rosemary!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Lisa Waxman says:

    Hey Natalie! I have printed off just about every one of your recipes. Thank you so much for all that you do! See you in the DR soon!


  4. Just made these, they’re fantastic! Quick question, where do you store them?

    • Glad you like them Alycia!! I usually weigh out 4-6 ounces at a time and store them in ziploc bags and keep them in the fridge.

  5. Hey Natalie,
    How thick are the slices?

  6. Hey, this looks great! I tried to make it tonight but the sweet potatoes are extremely difficult to slice by hand. Do you use a slicer?

  7. Hi Natalie, I somehow came across your site on twitter through another link and now don’t remember exactly but I loved what I saw on here! I love the recipes and have started a clean diet and am seeing results. I want to see muscle tone and have really noticed a difference in just a couple weeks. I love lifting heavy and trying to eat actually more throughout the day like your “big” meals :) Thanks so much! Are you still updating with recipes?

  8. Hey just wondering..I tried these tonight and are they supposed to be crispy?

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