Healthy Grocery Store Trip Video

Healthy Grocery Store Trip

When I first started eating clean I realized that, previously, many of the foods I thought were "healthy" were actually not very healthy at all. Marketing can sometimes be deceiving. The best advice I can give is to always, always read the ingredient list before you put it in your cart at the grocery store. My general rule of thumb is that if it has more than 5 or 6 ingredients, or any ingredients I can't pronounce I try to stay away from it. Just because the label says, "Healthy", doesn't mean it will help to get you lean. If you are having a hard time losing the last few pounds, the boxed and packaged foods you are eating might be playing a role. Make sure to read your ingredient lists closely and try to avoid anything that adds extra sugar (sometimes worded as cane syrup, cane sugar, or high fructose corn syrup).

Check out this quick 1-minute video where I show you a grocery store trip and how I read my ingredient lists. Leave a comment if you have any questions or let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Natalie!
    I just wanted to personally thank you for sharing so much about your life and what you have done to make such a dramatic change for good into your life!
    You have been such a force for good and I love all of your questions and answers in you facebook and website.
    Keep going and know that you are amazing and making a difference in so many peoples lives!

    • Hey Jane!!! Thank you SOOO much for such a sweet comment!!! You put a huge smile on my face just now!! I really appreciate you taking the time to come on here and leave a comment. I feel so blessed to have ‘met’ so many of you guys – you all keep me more motivated than you probably will ever know!

  2. Simply wanna admit that this is extremely helpful, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

    • Thanks Christian!!! I got some slack on this video from people saying it was too simple, so I appreciate the positive feedback!! Have a great day!

  3. Hello. fantastic job. I did not imagine this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

  4. Im having a tiny issue. I cant get my reader to pick up your rss feed, Im using yahoo reader by the way.

  5. Hi Natalie!
    I am new to your website and trying to learn all I can about clean eating. I am curious…with all your talk about egg whites do you always use the egg white out of an egg or the egg whites in a carton? If you use the egg white out of an actual egg do you just toss the yolk? Silly question I feel…just kinda feels wasteful. Thanks!!

  6. I’m new to your website, I am learning so much about you and your new life. It’s amazing! I recently had a baby 3 months ago and it’s so hard to loose the last few pounds of baby fat. I’m having trouble on what to eat and what not to eat. Can you please email me or respond back. I would gladly appreciate your help. By the way you look amazing 🙂 great job!


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