Post-partum exercises- testimonial

"We tend to use the term “postpartum” to represent the short period of time after giving birth. While this time deserves to be talked about a lot more (and issues like postpartum depression especially) postpartum is really just a new way of life after becoming a mom. Your body won’t ever be the same again, but that’s more than okay. If you have a mom pooch or tinkle when you sneeze, this post is f ...[Read More]

Testimonial of the dreaded mom pooch

"The 'mom pooch' is a loving term and can be worn as a badge of honor, but really, I just want to be able to work on my abdomen when I'm at the gym and get where I want to be! I'm proud of my body, and I know that I'm strong, but it's at my core of where I'm craving more strength - because I know it's in there! I have been having the hardest time with my "mom pooch" area - so I was excited to try ...[Read More]

Common Training Mistakes

Common Training Mistakes

Time and effort are valuable and I wanted to share 8 common training mistakes. I see you busting it in the gym. I know you are working hard! I'd like to make it a bit easier to dodge the things that don't work for the most people. As we work on our health and fitness it is helpful to avoid the things that cause us to trip up, full blown face-plant, or fail to see results. Your time matters. Let me ...[Read More]

Do I Really Need to Do a Warm-Up?

Do I Really Need to Do a Warm-Up

Most of us were taught a form of “stretch before you exercise to avoid injury” did you know that we’ve known for years that this isn’t a successful strategy? Stretching (stretch-and-hold) before higher intensity exercise decreases our power output and increases our risk of injury due to momentary relaxation in the supporting structures in the joint (muscles, tendons, and ligaments). Doing a stretc ...[Read More]

Face the Fear of Getting Started

I want to talk about something that we have probably all struggled with from time to time – and that is the fear or intimidation of getting started. I know that I can definitely relate to those feelings. After I had my daughter, I tried to go for a run and I kept falling. Like, actually falling down when I was trying to run. Even though I had been working out during my pregnancy, I had lost so muc ...[Read More]

Come on a vacation with me!

Vacation with Natalie

Are you feeling burnt out? Are you tired with everyday life, your current health, and feel like you have lost the person you used to be? Natalie Hodson and Drew Manning want to help you by taking you away on a 3-day California retreat where they will personally help you get rejuvenated, give you the tools to take hold of your health, and find yourself again! With Natalie’s motto of embracing your ...[Read More]

Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

  I am SO excited to share this recipe. It tastes so good, very similar to pumpkin pie, and I really think you guys will love it.   I am a sucker for all things pumpkin during the fall. I posted my favorite Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe a while back. I decided that along with a yummy pumpkin drink I should come up with a yummy pumpkin bread treat.   This recipe tastes really s ...[Read More]

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for your Kids

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

1) Overnight Oats- The great thing about this recipe is you can come up with a dozen different combinations and make enough to last 3-4 mornings so you only prep something every few days. Here is one my girls love: Overnight Blueberry-Banana Protein Oats Servings: 2  (Approximately 250 calories per serving) Ingredients: 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk 1/2 a banana, mashed up 1/2 cup of blueberries ...[Read More]

Failure is not Final

Failure is not Final

The last chapter to your life has not been written yet. Your past does not need to define your future. It doesn't matter if you failed in the past, or even if you feel like you are failing now. Remember this: What you focus on expands. The people and ideas you surround yourself with matter. Decide what you want with your life, ignore the critics around you, and then begin to take action and put in ...[Read More]

Grilled Salmon

Healthy Salmon recipe

My FAVORITE way to grill salmon! I promise, if you are afraid to try salmon because it's "fishy" try this recipe. You will love it. I just filmed this whole recipe on a Facebook live if you want to see how it's done. ---- Preheat your grill as high as it will get (500 degrees is the best!) I use my Camp Chef pellet grill. Pour "Yeri yeri teriyaki" brand sauce and Sriracha on your filets Cook 6-7 m ...[Read More]