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Day 5 – Workouts

In this Member's Only video, I go through Day 5 workout of the Strong Start Program alongside you and talk about why today's post workout treat is written into the program. -------------------------

Behind the Scenes: Day 2 at MRM Headquarters

Ezia Gym

We had such a packed and busy day yesterday!  I started the day off early at 6am by rolling out of bed and going for a run on the beach.  It makes running so much more enjoyable when the scenery is so beautiful!  Here is a quick video I made showing you some great HIIT training and I also show you my favorite 5x5 workout that I do when I am traveling (it doesn't require any equipment and you can d ...[Read More]

10 Minute Fat Burning Workout


  Remember a while back I mentioned I've been having a hard time squeezing cardio into my workouts? Well, I have found a few quick HIIT cardio workouts that I can sometimes squeeze in  after I lift weights - they are each 10 minutes or less and will leave you drenched in sweat like I was today. Try this and let me know what you think (no hands on the rails - that is cheating!): On stair maste ...[Read More]

Outdoor Leg Workout with Kids (video)!

Outdoor Leg Workout with Kids!

Last week I randomly stumbled across this really cool National Park just about 20 minutes from my house.  I was so impressed with the park and our family will definitely be doing some camping here in the near future.  The visitor center they had was really impressive....apparently there are TEN ecosystems in the Big Thicket!  It was so cool because you would walk and see pine trees, you would walk ...[Read More]

4 Exercises to Get Bikini-Ready Abs

Bikini Ready Abs

In this video I show you four of my favorite ab exercises that you can do at home to get your abs ready for the beach.  If you try these let me know what you think! ------ Natalie is a mom of two showing how to balance family, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Does Lifting Weights Make You Bulky?

Do Girls Get Bulky From Lifting Weights

I have been a long distance runner for most of my life.  I started running when I was in fifth grade because my best friend's parents were making her join the cross country team and she didn't want to go by herself.  I remember the day vividly because the only tennis shoes I owned were those old school white Keds, so that is what I showed up in for my first day of practice.  I think I ran in those ...[Read More]

How to Workout with your Kids – HIIT


This is what I do for cardio 1-2x a week and how I get my workouts in without a daycare or babysitter around. workout: 5 minute warmup (easy jog) 20 seconds all out sprint (on a hill is even better if you can) 2 min 30 second slow recovery jog repeat the sprint/recovery jog 4 times 5-10 minute cooldown should take you 21-26 minutes total.

Using the Lat Pulldown

Lat pull down

100 lbs 4 sets of 8 reps. A lot of girls don't realize (I never used to either) that if you want to look toned in regular clothes you have to lift heavy in the gym. My muscles always look big when I'm lifting but then when I'm in my regular clothes it just looks nice and toned and not bulky at all. If you want to look toned don't be afraid to lift heavy. Natalie