Using the Lat Pulldown

Lat pull down

100 lbs 4 sets of 8 reps. A lot of girls don't realize (I never used to either) that if you want to look toned in regular clothes you have to lift heavy in the gym. My muscles always look big when I'm lifting but then when I'm in my regular clothes it just looks nice and toned and not bulky at all. If you want to look toned don't be afraid to lift heavy. Natalie

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training

HITT Training

Here are a few HIIT workouts I like to do: #1 3 minute warmup at 3.5 15 minutes of all out sprints 30 seconds at level 12.0/60 seconds rest (shown in this video) 2 minute cool down at 3.5 20 minutes total #2 3 minute warmup at level 3.5 (no incline) 15 minutes of thirty second sprints/30 second rest at level 10 or 10.5 (depending on how I feel that day) For the last 5 minutes I do thirty second sp ...[Read More]