Bleacher Workout with Your Kids!


  My kids had other plans for my "great idea" to all run the bleachers together today but we improvised. Baby girl wanted held the whole time so I think my upper body got a better workout than my lower body but oh well. Something is always better than nothing! If you want to try this yourself do this: run up the bleachers as fast as you can doing single steps then double step (skipping every ...[Read More]

Real-Life Workout Video!

Outdoor Workout

I used to get so frustrated when I would try to workout from home and my kids would interrupt me.  I remember so many times when I would just quit in the middle of my workout, throw my hands up in defeat, and think to myself, "what's the point?  I can't even finish one set without the baby wanting held".  It did get easier as the kids got a little older, but along the way I realized that if I inco ...[Read More]

Wednesday Workout: Leg Blaster!


    My legs are always one of the last places on my body to respond, so I am always looking for really good leg workouts. Try this combo next time you are at the gym. I finished my workout with this combo and my legs felt like jello walking out of the gym yesterday! ‪#‎workoutwednesday‬‪#‎nataliehodsonworkouts‬ I hope you will consider joining hundreds of other people who have completed ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred Q&A (Commonly Asked Questions)

4-Week Shred Q&A

I have gotten some really great questions from you guys in the comments of each post.  As a way to make it easier for you (instead of having to read all the comments on each page of the program), I am going to re-post the most commonly asked questions and answers here on this page.  If you have another specific question that you would like answered, leave it as a comment below and I will add it to ...[Read More]

30 Minutes of Walking


    Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes I've gotten so caught up in having the perfect diet and the perfect workout routine that I end up just getting overwhelmed and doing nothing, or always saying, "I'll start on Monday". When, the truth is, it's not the perfect workout program that will make a long term difference, but rather the consistent, small habits that make the biggest long ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 24 (Rest Day)

Before After Makeup

Today is a rest day, enjoy it!  We have just five days before our big day.  There are some little things I try to take care of one week out, most of which include running little errands and getting ready for the shoot. Natalie's One-Week Out Tips: Hair: I always get my hair highlighted and trimmed one week out.  This gives me some time before the shoot to get it fixed if the color turns out funky ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 23 (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders)


    Now that we are one week out, it is crucial that we are focusing on drinking enough water.  It's been important all month, but now it is really important.  My experience has been that drinking enough water really prevents me from retaining water and helps me fill out nicely and also just helps my face look less puffy on photoshoot day.  I am for at least a gallon of water each day, but a ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 22 (Legs)


Alright, today is the first day of Week 4.  I mentioned last week that I may not drop my calories this week and I am going to stick with that.  Right now, I am really happy with how I look and don't feel like I need to really get any leaner for my photoshoot and so I am not going to drop my calories any further.  I am still at 143lbs but I have definitely tightened up and I basically have the look ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 21 (Back/Biceps/Abs + Cheat Meal)


    Today is the last day of week three!  Yay!  We are getting so close and the finish line is just around the corner.  Today is also a cheat meal for me, which are always fun.  It's important at this stage of the game to really enjoy your cheat meal and definitely don't worry about tracking everything you are eating, but to also not go totally crazy and eat everything in site.  Just enj ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 20 (Rest Day)


I woke up this morning and my body was screaming for a rest day!  My legs are so sore from Day 18's workout that my calves, glutes (butt), and quads are sore to even touch.  Thank goodness today is a rest day.  I plan on fully utilizing today's rest and really taking it easy today. Here is a recap of my calories and macros today, if you have any questions make sure to revisit the Nutrition Overvie ...[Read More]