4-Week Shred

4-Week Shred – Day 7 (Chest/Triceps/Abs)

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We are on the last day of Week 1!  One week down into the program and I am grateful that I am starting to fall back into my normal routine.  I am pretty sore from the workouts this week and I know that as my body gets used to these workouts the soreness will begin to go away. Here is a quick overview of what my macros are this week (last day at these macros, they will change tomorrow): Calories: 1 ...[Read More]

4 Week Shred – Day 6 (Legs & Cheat Meal)


        Today I have a cheat meal or off-plan meal written into the program and I am really looking forward to it.  I am six days into the program and already counting calories is getting old.  I don't usually count calories and I don't really recommend that people do it on an every-day-basis because I think you can get really obsessive over it and it can be so time consuming. ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 5 (Back/Biceps/Shoulders)


    I finally feel like things are starting to fall back into my normal habits and routine and I like how that feels.  What I've learned after doing this for so many years now, is that having healthy habits and routines are what help me stick with my nutrition and workouts when I am feeling unmotivated or when life starts to get hectic.  It's great to be kind and flexible with yourself, ...[Read More]

4 Week Shred – Day 4 (rest day)

4 Week Shred – Day 4 (rest day)

    Today is a rest day, yay!  With my daughter feeling much better (thank goodness for the nebulizer and breathing treatments) I feel like I can really take a minute to focus on getting my meals more structured and normal again. Typically I will prep food 1-2 times a week.  I almost always prep on Sunday and then mid-week (usually on my rest day) I will re-assess and see if I need to co ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 3 (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders)


  Day 3 Today was another rough day with my daughter being sick, and although I haven't been a prime example the past couple days of eating whole foods every 3-4 hours (what I usually aim for and see the best results with), I am hoping that this can be a way to at least show you guys how I adjust and respond when things don't go as planned. This morning my 5-year old was begging for me to mak ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 2 (Legs)

Sick Baby

  Day 2 Today was a rough day for me and so I am going to use today as an example showing you guys how I am flexible during this program with myself.  My daughter was really sick last night and in 24 hours has thrown up over 30 times.  I already had a doctor's appointment planned for myself (follow up appointment from my surgery last month), and then I unexpectedly was at the pediatrician's o ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 1 (Progress Pictures, Workouts & Meals)

Day 1BW

Day 1 I spent a good bit of time last night putting together my meals on paper and in MyFitnessPal.  The downside of tracking all your macros is that it is quite time consuming.  Yes, it works great, but it's another reason why I don't enjoy counting macros (IIFYM) year round because it can become obsessive.  For 3-5 weeks though I don't mind doing it and it definitely does work.  This is what it ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Week 1 Nutrition Overview

4-Week Shred

  This post is going to be an overview of how I structure my nutrition when I am trying to lean down.  Then I will do updates throughout each of the weeks that show you meal plans, and daily pictures of what the numbers below look like when put into meals. Typically when I am in maintenance mode I will aim to keep my calories at 14-15 times my current body weight.  For me, 155 is usually my m ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Training Overview

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    I wanted to briefly write a post talking about a general overview of the training portion of this program.  In this post here I talk about the nutrition overview and following your nutrition very closely is going to be the most important part of the program and where you will see the biggest results from if you follow the plan. The  weight training workouts are going to follow a 3-da ...[Read More]