4-Week Shred

4-Week Shred – Day 18 (Legs)


  Today is a refeed day - yay!  I always really look forward to refeed days because they provide a nice mental break from dieting.  Refeed days are different from cheat meals in that it is a structured increase of calories and carbs instead of just having an un-tracked meal.  On refeed days, we bring calories back up to maintenance calories and the majority of that increase is from carbohydrates. ...[Read More]

4 Week Shred – Day 17 (Back/Biceps/Abs)

McDonalds Salad

Today was a tough day for me mentally, especially with my nutrition.  I had to remind myself that usually at this point in the program I always start to feel this way and that I only have a little over 10 days left.  It is usually at this point where I start to get tired of counting macros, weighing my food, and being really strict with my nutrition.  This is the same reason I don't follow IIFYM a ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 15 (Chest/Triceps/Abs)


        Today is the last day of these workout cycles and also the first day of new calories/macros.  If you have specific questions about how to structure your nutrition make sure to visit the Nutrition Overview page and if you have specific questions about the overview of the workouts make sure to visit the Training Overview page. As my macros and calories drop it is really i ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 14 (Legs)


    Yesterday was a fun day off, but today it is time to get back into the groove of things. Today is my last day at these calories/macros and then tomorrow they drop again.  If you have any questions about structuring your nutrition and macros you can refer to the Nutrition Overview page that goes into detail for everything. Here is a quick overview of what my macros are this week: Calo ...[Read More]

4 Week Shred – Day 13 (Rest Day + Cheat Meal)


          Today is a rest day and also the day I have an off-plan meal (or cheat meal, whatever you want to call it. Some people really get caught up in the wording of this meal, how you word it doesn't bother me, it's just a meal that you don't track or count calories/macros for and just enjoy and have fun). I've had this girls weekend planned for almost a year and a half ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 12 (Back/Biceps/Cardio + Progress Pictures)

4-Week Shred – Day 12 (Back/Biceps/Cardio + Progress Pictures)

       We've finished 11 days of the program and I am really happy with how things are progressing so far.  My goal for this program was to tighten up the extra 5-7lbs that help me get photo shoot ready.  I stay in good shape year round so didn't need to lose an extreme amount of weight but want to just really tighten things up.  This plan is what works for me so that I don't feel l ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 11 (Chest/Triceps/Shoulders)


    Today we are working chest, triceps and shoulders.  I also did my cardio today.  This week we are doing cardio 3x per week and you can choose whichever days you want to do cardio on.  I live in SouthEast Texas and the weather has been beautiful - 70 degrees in February!  We pay for it with the humidity in the summertime but right now I am soaking up all the outdoor activity I can get ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 10 (Legs & Refeed)

Flat White

  In weeks 2-4 I have Refeeds written into my plan.  If you have ever carb cycled before this is similar to a high carb day except that I try to keep my carb intake within a 5-6 hour period focused around my workout.  A refeed is a basically a structured period of high carbohydrate (and lower fat) eating. I will drop protein grams just slightly, drop my fat grams substantially, and increase m ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 9 (Back/Biceps/Abs)


  Nine days into the program!  This is usually around the time that is make or break for most people.  I know for me, the 'finish line' still feels quite far away, and I start to get kind of tired of counting macros.  It's important to keep reminding yourself of the reason why you started, and that you won't achieve your goals without putting in the work.  If things are feeling overwhelming f ...[Read More]

4-Week Shred – Day 8 (Rest Day)

Pizza Chicken

      Today is a rest day, awesome!  I like to use my rest days to take some time to look at how my macros are changing this week, reviewing the workouts, etc. Our macros are going to change slightly this week.  From a macronutrient standpoint, protein will stay the same, carbohydrates are going to go down quite a bit and fat will go down just a tad.  Total calories are going to be ...[Read More]