Outdoor Workout With Your Kids

Outdoor Workout With Your Kids

I used to get so frustrated when I would try to workout from home and my kids would interrupt me. I remember so many times when I would just quit in the middle of my workout, throw my hands up in defeat, and think to myself “What’s the point? I can’t even finish one set without the baby wanting to be held.” Somewhere along the way I realized that it’s ok if I have to take breaks because the kids n ...[Read More]

Leg Blaster Superset..You Have To Try This!

Leg Blaster Superset

My legs are always one of the last places on my body to respond, so I am always looking for really good leg workouts. I finished my workout with this combo and my legs felt like jello walking out of the gym! Here’s the superset; -Leg press x 10 -Squat Jumps x 10 -Rest for 60 seconds -Complete 3 rounds You can view a quick video collage of the superset here. Try this combo out the next time you are ...[Read More]

10 Minute Cardio Routine…You Got To Try This!

Speaking Kindly to Yourself

Some days it just feels difficult to fit cardio into our schedule. Well, I have found a quick HIIT cardio workout that I can sometimes squeeze in after I lift weights - It is 10 minutes or less and will leave you drenched in sweat. Try this and let me know what you think (no hands on the rails - that is cheating!): On stair master- 1 round = 40 second intervals at Level 5 & level 13 each Level ...[Read More]

The Pelvic Floor & High Intensity Exercise

The Pelvic Floor&High Intensity Exercise

I love to do high impact/ high intensity exercise. It is no secret that I love running, jumping, and lifting heavy weights. Did you know that those factors alone place me in a higher risk category for pelvic floor dysfunction? You might be thinking.... well you lift weights, doesn't that make everything stronger?... Nope! We wouldn't expect our biceps to get stronger by doing more squats. Likewise ...[Read More]

Common Training Mistakes

Common Training Mistakes

Time and effort are valuable and I wanted to share 8 common training mistakes. I see you busting it in the gym. I know you are working hard! I'd like to make it a bit easier to dodge the things that don't work for the most people. As we work on our health and fitness it is helpful to avoid the things that cause us to trip up, full blown face-plant, or fail to see results. Your time matters. Let me ...[Read More]

Do I Really Need to Do a Warm-Up?

Do I Really Need to Do a Warm-Up

Most of us were taught a form of “stretch before you exercise to avoid injury” did you know that we’ve known for years that this isn’t a successful strategy? Stretching (stretch-and-hold) before higher intensity exercise decreases our power output and increases our risk of injury due to momentary relaxation in the supporting structures in the joint (muscles, tendons, and ligaments). Doing a stretc ...[Read More]

How to Battle the Bloat

Speaking Kindly to Yourself

Bloating is an all too familiar reality for many of us, especially us ladies. Dietary and hormonal fluctuation can wreak havoc on our digestive systems. While occasional bloating is not something to be concerned about, it is also not something we have to live with. Here are some tips and tricks to help reduce overall bloating. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can significantly affect your bodies ...[Read More]

At some point EVERYONE has to JUMP

Running a Marathon

Everybody, at some point in their life has to jump if you want to be successful. Jumping is the hardest thing for people to do. But you have to jump. If you never jump, you'll never be successful. My brother talked me into RUNNING back to our hotel from the restaurant tonight in Jackson Hole. I haven't ran miles in a while, so I was nervous....but we crushed out 7 miles together at an 8.5 mile pac ...[Read More]

Fat Burning Treadmill Workout!

Treadmill Workout

Members Only Post   Sprint workouts are a lot of fun.  I was a cross country and track runner in college and doing these sprint workouts always takes me right back to my track and field days.  This is a workout I pulled out from one of my college training journals and I really enjoyed it!  I don't know if I would go so far as to say it was 'fun', but it was a great sprint workout. Essentially ...[Read More]

30 Minutes of Walking

How to debloat

    Have you ever felt this way? Sometimes I've gotten so caught up in having the perfect diet and the perfect workout routine that I end up just getting overwhelmed and doing nothing, or always saying, "I'll start on Monday". When, the truth is, it's not the perfect workout program that will make a long term difference, but rather the consistent, small habits that make the biggest long ...[Read More]