Grocery Store Secrets: How to Shop Healthy at Walmart


Here is a glimpse into how we make a healthy grocery store trip to Walmart while staying within our monthly grocery budget for our family of four. I'm still pretty new to vlogging and editing videos, so bear with me while I get the hang of editing, smooth transitions, voiceovers, etc.

How to Workout with your Kids – HIIT


This is what I do for cardio 1-2x a week and how I get my workouts in without a daycare or babysitter around. workout: 5 minute warmup (easy jog) 20 seconds all out sprint (on a hill is even better if you can) 2 min 30 second slow recovery jog repeat the sprint/recovery jog 4 times 5-10 minute cooldown should take you 21-26 minutes total.

December Vlogging Challenge


This month I decided to give myself a vlogging challenge where I vlog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Here is the schedule I am using: Monday: Random.  I may do a video on an update with our family, random thoughts I have, maybe some hair/makeup stuff....just kind of random things I want to talk about but that don't necessarily fall under a particular theme. Wednesday: Nutrition or recipe vid ...[Read More]