Birth Story Part 1: Why I Switched to a Midwife at 39 Weeks Pregnant

40 weeks Pregnant

A while ago I put on Instagram (@nataliehodson1) that I was typing up my birth story so I could share it with my daughter someday and I was surprised to see how many people told me they would be interested in reading it!  I started thinking about sharing the story with everyone and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to share this.  It made me feel a little vulnerable sharing this piece of my li ...[Read More]

First Workout After Baby Was Born

First Workout After Baby Is Born

I had my first workout in the gym today since my little girl was born.  Most doctors or midwives tell you to wait 5-6 weeks before working out again.  Because I had stitches after Phoenix Rae was born I needed to wait the full six weeks post partum to start any kind of workout.  But, I finally got clearance from my midwife to start working out again this week (Phoenix will be six weeks old on Wedn ...[Read More]