Sriracha Pickled Eggs Recipe

Sriracha Pickled Eggs Recipe

This is the most AMAZING pickled egg recipe ever!!  The first time I heard about pickled eggs, I thought they sounded totally disgusting.  But, I promise you, they are soooo delicious and a great, quick way to get in some protein and healthy fats.  They aren't overly spicy but have just enough kick to create a good flavor.  Try a small batch at first, and I promise you will be forever hooked! Ingr ...[Read More]

Self Care

Self Care

If you are always looking for other people (or things) to make you happy, you never will be. If you want true happiness, start taking a look at yourself, your daily actions, and your personal belief systems. Taking a little bit of time for yourself each day is important. Remember, giving yourself permission for self care means you are giving everyone around you the best of you, not what is left of ...[Read More]

Extra Time in Nature

Extra Time in Nature

This past year I have spent a lot of time alone in nature. I guess you could say it's been my therapy of sorts as I went through a divorce...connecting with nature, hiking to places no one else visits, and taking in beautiful scenery like what's in this picture and the last video I posted, it all was very healing for me. As I was going through that healing process, I kept a lot of things off socia ...[Read More]

14484830_1092178980859822_5688244110033194726_nAs promised, I am going to slowly start sharing with you guys some insight into where I've been lately. A page from my journal the other night when I was feeling small, and sad, and stuck in my own grief...
And then it hits me. I might be in the gym and see someone stare at me for a second longer than normal and wonder if they recognize me from my public profile. I feel like I want to shrink and hide under my hat and in the same moment I know how silly that is. I feel embarrassed that I'm not as lean or as strong as I've been in the past but wonder how I can feel that way right now when I felt quite pretty and happy the day before? It's confusing.

And then it hits me. I'll be at the grocery store and see someone my ex has dated since our divorce or an old mutual friend who chose to stay friends with my ex instead of both of us. I feel insecure, small, and without much worth.

And then it hits me. I'll be dating a man wondering if he's ever been with a woman who has had kids, if he knows about the stretched skin on my stomach from carrying two ten pound babies, or that sometimes I pee my pants when I laugh too hard. Is this something most men know about? It's embarrassing for me to think about but I can't be the only woman who wonders these things, right?

And then it hits me. I'll see a video or a photo of my kids while they are with their dad for the week and feel an overwhelming wave of guilt, shame, sadness, and loss. I should have worked harder to keep our family in tact. I chose this, and maybe I chose wrong. I have moments of doubt. I am missing important days and weeks in my kids' life. When I am not with them, I feel like a bad mom. I feel guilty for enjoying my time away.
I am in a transition phase right now getting used to being a single woman. I don't have all the answers, in fact, when it comes to a lot of these types of emotions I don't have many answers or solutions at all. All I know is that I can't be the only one feeling this way. And I know that when I feel small, and weak....that talking and sharing these feelings makes me feel stronger and less afraid.

Guilt and shame can't survive when we open up, share, and own our stories.

With grief and pain comes joy and peace.
I believe this wholeheartedly. I have to. That belief is what helps get me through the hard times.

Remember this: it is ok to give yourself permission to not be ok all the time and accept that it's very normal to have confusing feelings. Working through this stuff takes time. Be patient with yourself. You give everyone else grace and love, make sure you show that to yourself too. 💗

With so much love,

Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor

Abs, Core, and Pelvic Floor

So, this is something that is really embarrassing for me to talk about....but I know if I was struggling with it there are other women out there too just like I was. I had major incontinence issues after my kids were born. Any time I would do a high impact activity such as a workout that included a lot of jumping, or even coughing too hard, I would accidentally pee my pants a little (really embarr ...[Read More]

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Free Podcast with Drew and Lynn Manning

Check out my recent FREE podcast episode with Drew and Lynn Manning: On the podcast I chat about: - Gaining and losing 70 lbs with each of my pregnancies - How to get motivated - How to balance kids, work and your health - How to make healthy eating more affordable And you guys, I shared by most embarrassing moment that no one but my husband knew about. Oh man. Any guesses ...[Read More]

Necklace Obsessed!! #CharmingCharlie


Charming Charlie (seriously my favorite clothing and accessory store ever) is having a huge #necklaceobsessed event right now, and to celebrate I picked out all of my favorite necklaces to share with you guys!!  They have an awesome deal right now where you can mix and match and layer all these fun necklaces to make a really cool look.  I love their jewelry because it's super affordable, everythin ...[Read More]

The Power of Habits

Natalie Hodson Lacing Shoes

"A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit." -Desiderius Erasmus I have learned that, for me, my motivation comes in cycles. I have noticed that a few times each year I go through a couple weeks where I lose that motivation and desire to workout. What I have learned, is that when I start to feel unmotivated, I really try to focus and fall back on my habits to keep me going. ...[Read More]

Members Only Google Hangout May 12th

Hey guys!  I am so excited to chat with you tonight!  Check back here to watch the google hangout and you can click the 'chat' button to ask any questions or if for some reason your chat button isn't working just simply leave a comment on this post and I will be checking the comments periodically throughout the call. Bring any questions you have that I can help with!  We are going to be over quest ...[Read More]

Do A Little More to Use A Little Less


This is Natalie here.  Each Thursday my husband, Sheridan, will be writing a blog post talking about something finance/budgeting related.  Sheridan has his MBA in finance and works as a sr. financial adviser for a large fortune 500 company.  We are finding that when people start to get healthy physically, they start to get healthier in other areas of their life including finance.  I hope you enjoy ...[Read More]