Monday Morning Dialog with Myself

Internal Dialogue

    This is how the dialog in my head went this morning while I was talking to myself: 4:50am (alarm went off): Me: How could it be 5am already?! -I had to get up 4 times last night with a sick baby I should just go back to bed. -You are supposed to do a leg workout today, you should really just get out of bed. -But I am so tired, just 5 more minutes. -You know 5 more minutes isn't reall ...[Read More]

Photo Shoot Countdown


I have some fun news for members of my site (to find out more about become a member click here).   As many of you know, I haven't been able to work out for the past four weeks since my surgery (you can read more about the surgery I had here).  I just got the clearance from my doctor yesterday that I am able to start working out again, starting slowly.  I will be at the Arnold Sports Festival March ...[Read More]

Small Decisions Can Make a Big Difference

Before After

  I remember after having this baby, I tried to do some push-ups and couldn't even do one regular push-up. I remember feeling so discouraged that I had lost so much progress and that my arms and core were so weak. I remember going running for the first time and uncomfortably pull my shirt down over my tummy that was jiggling over my pants. I remember looking in the mirror and wondering if my ...[Read More]


New Year

  I am not allowed to workout for 4-6 weeks because of my surgery, but I would love nothing more than being able to serve and help you guys with the start of this new year. I've found that when I am sad or discouraged, changing my focus on serving and helping others really puts me in a good place. I am going to offer 20% off both of my training programs for next three days using the code NEWY ...[Read More]

Habits – How They Can Make or Break You

  This is a video taken from part of the Strong Start 10 Day Program series. In this video, Natalie takes her rest day on Day 7 and talks about how creating habits and making small changes can make or break your success. What areas do you struggle with when it comes to habits? What are some things you have found help you stick/create with your good habits? I'd love to get a conversation going ...[Read More]

Goals (video)

  In this Members Only video, Natalie shares with you some of her own big goals, why goal setting helped improve her self confidence, and ideas you can start today with your own goal setting.   ------------------------

Motivation (video)

  In this video Natalie talks about times that she has lost motivation, and what you can do to get re-motivated. ------------------------