Arnold Sports Festival 2015

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Who is going to the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH next week? I will be at the expo in the MRM booth during these times: Friday, March 6th from 9-12 and 1-5 Saturday, March 7th from 9-12 and 1-5 Sunday March 8th from 10-3 (busy weekend!) My absolute favorite part of these expos is getting to meet you guys face to face, take pictures with you, and hear your stories. If you stop by the booth (we are ...[Read More]

Photo Shoot Countdown


I have some fun news for members of my site (to find out more about become a member click here).   As many of you know, I haven't been able to work out for the past four weeks since my surgery (you can read more about the surgery I had here).  I just got the clearance from my doctor yesterday that I am able to start working out again, starting slowly.  I will be at the Arnold Sports Festival March ...[Read More]

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

I made this video last month for Heidi Powell (trainer and weight loss specialist on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss tv show)'s Perfectly Imperfect campaign and I was so happy to see the reach this video got. It was seen in over 3 million people's news feeds and the video was watched more than 1.5 million times. If you haven't yet, I hope you take a minute to watch it. I hope this is a message that will ...[Read More]



  Hey everyone! This is Megan, one of Natalie's admins for her website and FB page. Yesterday someone emailed us and asked if they could have her address because they wanted to send a card to Natalie. Natalie doesn't know I am writing this post, but I thought it would be fun to share our PO box with you guys in case anyone wanted to send her a card also. Getting 'real' mail is always so fun! ...[Read More]


New Year

  I am not allowed to workout for 4-6 weeks because of my surgery, but I would love nothing more than being able to serve and help you guys with the start of this new year. I've found that when I am sad or discouraged, changing my focus on serving and helping others really puts me in a good place. I am going to offer 20% off both of my training programs for next three days using the code NEWY ...[Read More]

Easy Portion Size Guide

Portion Guide Size

  NOTE: If you are on a mobile device, you must click this to see the guide: --->Easy Portion Size Guide From a computer it should show up without needing to click the link. I hope this guide is helpful. If you are looking for more easy and practical tips like these, consider becoming a Natalie Hodson Member at www.nataliehodson.com/become-a-member. ---------------------

Meal Prep – The Non Intimidating Way

Meal Prep

  Members Only Video.  I used to think that meal prep had to look like the photo above.  I kept getting overwhelmed and then disappointed when I couldn't keep up with my meal prep.  Finally our family settled into a routine that works really well for us.  It's not as perfectly portioned and placed as some other meal preps, but this is what works for us to keep us on track with our nutrition o ...[Read More]

How to Curb Sugar Cravings (video)

Sugar Bad

  In this Members Only video, Natalie answers this question from Jolene: "I am almost 40 and I have never been to the gym before.  Now I am just loving it and it has made a massive difference.  I have followed all your advice and I can see and feel a change, but my challenge is snacking. Craving the sweet things, any advice on how to curb that?" -------------------

Can You Eat Fruit While Losing Weight? (video)

  In this Members Only video, Natalie answers this question from America on Facebook: "To eat fruit or not to?  I am so confused and I don't know how much fruit to eat a day.  I am trying to stay away from sugar for obvious reasons, but mostly to lose weight.  Should I, or should I not eat fruit as part of a clean diet?"   ------------------------