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Hunter/ Gatherer

Hunter/gatherer over here 🙋🏼🏹🍎 I’ve been a busy bee today canning all the fruit I picked this weekend while I was up hunting with Killgore Adventures. I know my elk post got a lot of controversy (I was called awful names: disgusting, nasty, a slut, and I even received death threats over it – someone told me they were going to shoot me in the head next time I was…Read More

From the Wild to our Home

Hunting is a tradition my family grew up with, and is a big part of my active outdoor lifestyle. Yesterday I went hunting and shot a cow elk (female elk) and the meat from this animal will feed our family all year. This isn’t a trophy elk (it would have had huge antlers if it was), this is an animal that I legally and respectfully harvested in the mountains of…Read More

Finding Balance2

Finding Balance, Nutrition & Meals

Meal Plan Here are a few things I want you to keep in mind when planning your meals: -Please do not be afraid of carbs or healthy fats!  I know low carb diets have been a fad lately, but getting high quality carbohydrates are crucial for maintaining energy levels, brain function, and muscle tone.  Healthy fats are required for maintaining normal hormone levels.  Your brain is predominantly composed of fat. …Read More

Finding Balance2

Finding Balance, Nutrition Overview

I wish I would have understood the importance of proper nutrition when I was younger.  It took me over ten years to really figure this out!  It would have saved me a lot of time and effort when I was younger if I would have realized that the biggest changes in body fat come less from your workouts and more from the food you are eating.  Your nutrition is going…Read More

Grocery Shopping

Finding Balance: Nutrition (Grocery Shopping)

Grocery Shopping Tips Here is a general guideline for the types of foods you will be purchasing at the grocery store. You want to aim for foods that are usually on the perimeter of the grocery store and that are as close to their natural source as possible. When you look at the ingredient list, I typically try to stick with foods that have 5 or less ingredients (that is…Read More