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Healthy Meals For Birthing Prep

One of the best ways I ensure that have a healthy dinner prepared is by preparing it WAY ahead of time. You can make a huge crockpot meal, and then portion it up and freeze it! That way, whenever you have a late meeting, or want to be a friendly neighbor, or even if you have a baby on the way, you can prepare this ahead of time, freeze it,…Read More

Homemade Protein Bars

Here is my base protein bar recipe (adapted from Jamie Eason’s Cinnamon Swirl Recipe). Once you have this part down all you need to do is add your own extracts to create your own flavor of bars! I usually do 2-3tsp extract per batch. One very important tip: The homemade protein bars have no preservatives in them. So, if you make them you MUST keep them in the fridge or…Read More

Treat Yourself Without Going Overboard

Hi friends! What is it about cookie dough that is so tempting? When I was young, my amazing Mom would make cookies for us. I remember how I would snag the spoon or the blender and eat the dough before it made it into the oven. Even aside from the raw eggs (hello salmonella), it just isn’t a great option. There is so much sugar, white flour, and butter in…Read More

Lazy man sweet potato

This is my favorite ‘lazy man’ (or woman) sweet potato method. Two steps: 1) wash sweet potatoes 2) throw in crockpot Done! You do not need to add water. There will be some water on the potatoes from washing them and they will ‘sweat’ as they cook creating moisture.  I promise, it works great just using this simple two-step method! Cook on high for 4 hours, until soft. Sometimes I…Read More

Healthy Taco Bowl Recipe

Does anyone else love taco bowls? I do! They are so quick, tasty, easy, and you can make them low-carb if you need to. This recipe is a heck of a lot cheaper in ingredients then what you pay at Chipotle, and I can whip this up in 3-4 minutes.  I usually use either grilled chicken that I cook in bulk or ground turkey breast that I season with taco…Read More