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How to Handle Sugar Cravings


A while ago I shared this video talking about what I like to do when I get cravings, so for today's blog post in my 30 Days of Blogging Challenge I wanted to re-share this video with you and share some of my favorite teas also.  The holiday season is coming up on us and I like to stock up on some of my favorites that are only available during this time of year! Random side note: I am actually wear ...[Read More]

7 Ways To Help Your Kids Eat A Healthier Breakfast!

Yes, please!! 7 ways to help your kids to eat a healthier breakfast – some awesome ideas in here from a fit mom of two young kids. #nataliehodson

Day 3 of my 30 Days of Blogging Challenge! Sorry for the website issues earlier. I had a temporary restriction put on my website because of some heavy traffic and optimization/caching issues. My host server told me it would be an ‘easy’ problem to fix and when I opened up the link with the instructions to fix it all the code looked like a foreign language to me. Luckily I have an awesome brother w ...[Read More]

Where to Begin…

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Day two of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! I often have friends or family members tell me that they really want to start eating healthier and getting back in shape, but they aren't sure where to start, or that it all seems so overwhelming.  I can always understand where they are coming from because that is exactly how I felt when I first got started!  Although I had been an athlete for most of my li ...[Read More]

Product Review: MRM All Natural Whey

Strawberry Chocolate Mint Protein Shake

On common question I often get asked is in regards to supplements.  In general, I believe that we should get our nutrients from food.  Whole food is the best source of vitamins and micronutrients.  With that being said, sometimes in our busy schedules it is tough to get all the nutrients we need and that is when supplements can play a great role into your nutrition.  I tend to keep my supplements ...[Read More]

Tips for Traveling and Staying Healthy

Tips for Staying Healthy while Traveling

There are inevitably going to be times in your life when your normal routine is disrupted. This has definitely been the case for us the past few weeks! Normally when I am home I will prep my meals for the week so that I always have healthy options on hand, which makes it easier for me to stay on track. The past few weeks we have been traveling a lot! In just the last five weeks we: flew to Texas f ...[Read More]

How to Lose That Stubborn Lower Belly Fat

Arnold Sports Festival3

One of the most common questions I get asked by people (usually other mamas) is how do I lose the little pooch on my lower stomach area?  What exercises will work best to get rid of it? Unfortunately, the answer usually isn’t a new fancy exercise technique, or thousands of crunches.  The answer comes down to your nutrition.  If you would have told me this a few years ago, I might not have believed ...[Read More]

How to Grind Your Own Oat Flour

Natalie Hodson

Yesterday I had just finished up with 12 minutes of level 12.0 sprints on the treadmill (which explains the red face and sweaty hair - sorry!) and came home to make a protein shake.  I needed to blend up some more oat flour and made a quick video showing you how I do it.  I use oat flour in most of my breakfast bar/protein bar recipes and I also use 1/3 to 1/2 cup in my post workout shakes. When I ...[Read More]

Why Is Almond Milk Better for You than Regular Milk?

Almond Milk

Regular milk (even skim or low-fat) still has quite a bit of sugar. I try to keep my grams of sugar under 5-6 grams per meal and 35 grams per day. I noticed that once I made this change the extra fat on my tummy really started to go away. Instead of milk, I use almond milk. I like the Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla (40 calories per cup and no sugar). The Silk brand is pretty good too, but I pre ...[Read More]