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Online Health Information

Online Health Information

How do we know who to trust? We’ve all done it. You hear something that sparked your interested and quickly plugged it into Google and clicked on one of the top 3 suggestions. The internet may have found exactly what you are looking for, quick information about health, nutrition, exercise, injury, symptoms of illness… you name it. But is it accurate? How can you tell if you’ve been given an opinio ...[Read More]

Small Decisions Can Make a Big Difference

I know what it’s like to feel discouraged and uncomfortable with my body. After having children I remember feeling this way so many times. You may be feeling this way today for a variety of reasons, but I want you to know that change is possible. Change happened for me because I didn’t give up and change can happen for you if you don’t give up. I have not been perfect, but I have been consistent. ...[Read More]

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes These are my all-time favorite pancakes. The macronutrients are exactly what I want to eat. I could give you a complicated recipe for protein pancakes, but take a run to Costco and pick up a huge box this amazing pancake mix. These protein pancakes are whole grain (which isn't the same as multi-grain), incredibly easy, health ...[Read More]

Face the Fear of Getting Started

I want to talk about something that we have probably all struggled with from time to time – and that is the fear or intimidation of getting started. I know that I can definitely relate to those feelings. After I had my daughter, I tried to go for a run and I kept falling. Like, actually falling down when I was trying to run. Even though I had been working out during my pregnancy, I had lost so muc ...[Read More]

Celebrating without Totally Blowing It

Birthdays, weddings, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, The Superbowl, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Christmas, Graduations, if there is an event… we celebrate! Most of the time we celebrate with food! Cake, cookies, pies, donuts, brownies, cheesecake, pizza, cheeseburgers, you name it…. it’s involved in the celebration. None of these foods are “bad” foods inherently, but it can be a big problem when ...[Read More]

How to Battle the Bloat

Speaking Kindly to Yourself

Bloating is an all too familiar reality for many of us, especially us ladies. Dietary and hormonal fluctuation can wreak havoc on our digestive systems. While occasional bloating is not something to be concerned about, it is also not something we have to live with. Here are some tips and tricks to help reduce overall bloating. Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can significantly affect your bodies ...[Read More]

Tips to Get Your Kid to eat Healthy

Tips for healthy eating with kids

  Confession time.  It has been a real struggle lately to get my daughter to eat healthy.  My sweet little Phoenix Rae is my stubborn, fiesty little girl and I have been really struggling lately to get her to want to eat healthy.   Last night, she sat at the table for almost two hours, sitting stubbornly in her chair with her arms folded because she wouldn’t finish her two bites (we have a tw ...[Read More]

Healthy Snacks Trick

Healthy Snack Trick

My kids wanted mandarin oranges for their morning snack and we were able to peel every single one keeping the peel in one piece! I got my kids to eat a bunch of the oranges because they kept wanting to see how many we could peel like this 😉   I posted this on Facebook and someone told me that these oranges are genetically designed so that kids can peel them easier. Did you know that? Kinda cr ...[Read More]

How to Get your Kids to eat a Healthy Breakfast

Help your kids eat a healthy breakfast

1. Ditch the Donuts. Keeping junk food out of your house will not only save on your grocery bill, but will force your kids to make healthier options in the morning. I loved what Abeer Salam said, “I may not be a mom, but my parents made it very simple: No junk food at home, you either have the eggs and whole wheat toast, lots of fruit, whole wheat pancakes, or nothing at all. You don't need to bab ...[Read More]