Google Hangouts

Members Google Hangout May 28th

Hey guys! I am excited for tonight's google hangout. I have a number of questions members who aren't able to make the live call have already submitted that I will be going over, and then please type any questions you have or anything you want to chat about (doesn't even have to be a question) in the 'chat' section of the hangout. If you are having a hard time accessing that, just leave a comment o ...[Read More]

Members Only Google Hangout May 12th

Hey guys!  I am so excited to chat with you tonight!  Check back here to watch the google hangout and you can click the 'chat' button to ask any questions or if for some reason your chat button isn't working just simply leave a comment on this post and I will be checking the comments periodically throughout the call. Bring any questions you have that I can help with!  We are going to be over quest ...[Read More]

March 26th Google Hangout


Here is the recorded Google Hangout for you guys!  Tomorrow I will go back through this recording and break down the questions with what time that question was asked so you can fast forward to a particular question if you would like. This is a quick follow up video I made because as I was closing out the Google Hangout I saw that there were a few questions in the Q&A section that didn't show u ...[Read More]

Members Only Google Hangout – November 11


    UPDATE: Hey everyone, I am so, so sorry about this.  My computer froze on me right before we started the hangout (it wasn't registering any typing) and so I quickly tried to end task...nothing.  So, I had to do a hard reset on my computer and it went into a scan and repair mode....anyways long story short it is now 10:24 and my computer is only just now up and running.  I know most o ...[Read More]

Members Only Google Hangout – October 28


Here is the recording of our Google Hangout! Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in tonight, our next live chat will be Thursday, November 9th at 10am CST. 0:00-2:03  How to join Google Hangout Audience/ watch or ask questions 2:20 Thank You/ Be a Google Hangout presenter 3:53 Schedules/Listening later to past Google Hangouts and Forum Questions for Hangout sessions 4:41-18:50 Time Management ...[Read More]