Breakfast Recipes

Overnight Strawberry Protein Oats

Overnight Strawberry Protein Oats

I am so excited to share with you another recipe from my new cookbook, Cook Smarter, Not Harder. With all this cold winter weather, it has me dreaming of spring, warmer days, and strawberries! This is a delicious breakfast packed with protein that keeps me full until lunch! What You'll Need: - 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk - 1/2 banana, sliced - 10 strawberries, sliced - 3/4 cup old fashioned oa ...[Read More]

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

With the holidays coming I wanted to share my ooey gooey homemade cinnamon roll recipe. This is a favorite in my family and I thought I would pass it on to you. Makes 12 Rolls Plan for 4-5 hours from start to finish to allow dough to double rise. Ingredients: -1 package yeast -1 tsp sugar -1/2 cup warm water -1/2 cup sugar -1/2 cup Crisco -1 egg -1.5 cup warm water -1 Tablespoon salt -6 cups flour ...[Read More]

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains

Protein Pancakes and the Power of Whole Grains Kodiak Cakes: Power Cakes These are my all-time favorite pancakes. The macronutrients are exactly what I want to eat. I could give you a complicated recipe for protein pancakes, but take a run to Costco and pick up a huge box this amazing pancake mix. These protein pancakes are whole grain (which isn't the same as multi-grain), incredibly easy, health ...[Read More]

How to Get your Kids to eat a Healthy Breakfast

Help your kids eat a healthy breakfast

1. Ditch the Donuts. Keeping junk food out of your house will not only save on your grocery bill, but will force your kids to make healthier options in the morning. I loved what Abeer Salam said, “I may not be a mom, but my parents made it very simple: No junk food at home, you either have the eggs and whole wheat toast, lots of fruit, whole wheat pancakes, or nothing at all. You don't need to bab ...[Read More]

Tried & True Holiday Candy Recipes

Processed with Rookie

  Most of the recipes you see on my website are healthy and nutritious recipes.  But, true to the tagline on all my posts this blog is about showing how to balance family, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.  For me, balance isn't about being perfect 100% of the time, but rather about eating healthy and exercising most of the time, and enjoying treats in moderation too. Christmas is one of thos ...[Read More]

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Thai Peanut Turkey Lettuce Wraps 2

When I first started eating healthier after I had gained 65lbs during my first pregnancy, I knew that I needed to find a way to fix my sweet tooth.  I didn't know how to cook and I was terrible at baking, even when I was following recipes.  I knew that I had to learn to get creative in the kitchen, even if it meant a lot of bad experiments in the process.  It was during this time that I really lea ...[Read More]

Banana Pancakes (video)

Banana Pancakes

  In this Members Only video, I show you how to make delicious and healthy banana pancakes.  These are a family favorite and are a great meal to cook in bulk for a quick grab-and-go meal later in the week. ----------------------------------------

Double Chocolate Protein Shake (video)


In this Members Only video, I show you how to make my favorite pre-workout shake.  It tastes great, is packed with fiber, and isn't too heavy so it shouldn't upset your stomach before your workout. I usually make this 20-30 minutes before my workout. -1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk -1 scoop MRM rich vanilla whey -1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder -2 handfuls spinach (can't taste it) -7g chia ...[Read More]

Healthy Banana Pancakes

Pancake with Quest Bar bites added

This morning while making banana pancakes for the kids, I added a cut up Quest Nutrition cinnamon roll bar to my pancake. So. So. Good. Try it and let me know how you like it!   Banana Pancake Recipe (single serving) 1 banana, mashed 4 egg whites 1/3 c. oat flour Splash of almond milk Dash of cinnamon   Mix ingredients together and cook like regular pancakes. This makes 4 small pancakes ...[Read More]

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Your Kids Will Love: Guest Post from Lynn Manning!

Lynn Manning

I became online friends with Lynn Manning a while back and I love following her blog and reading her posts.  I love how she shows a real-life approach to helping women stay fit and healthy, and she does a great job showing how she manages her nutrition and exercise all while balancing a business and taking care of two young girls.  Here is a little bit of info about Lynn: "My husband (Drew Manning ...[Read More]