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We are sorry to see you go and hope  you will consider re-joining in the future.  Because memberships are subscription based through PayPal we cannot cancel memberships on our end, but you can do it very easily through your PayPal account.  Just log into your account, click on your profile (top right hand corner it is the silhouette of a person).  Then on the left hand side click, "my money" and from there you can manage your pre-approved payments and cancel the recurring payment to Natalie Hodson.

If you paid for six months or twelve months up front your membership will stay active until six or twelve months from the date you signed up, and then your login credentials will still log you in, but you won't have access to any of the membership posts, forum, etc.

Thanks for becoming a member and we hope to see you back soon!

Warm Regards,




  1. I signed up for the diastases recto program and have been on my phone for a half hour searching for a link to get access. I never received an email. Please cancel my membership

  2. I didn’t sign up with a pay pal account and would like to cancel the recurring charge for the support group. How do I do that? I have no pay pal account.

  3. I just purchased $37 program and the12 week program. I down loaded the $37 but I didn’t get a chance to down load the &47 12 week program. What do I need to get it?
    Lynne Armitage

  4. I signed up for the monthly membership through pay pal, and I tried to access the workouts and every time I click on one of them it brings me back to the page that shows what members have access to. It won’t let me access anything.

  5. I have no pre approved payments on my PayPal however I still had a payment taken a couple of weeks ago

    • Hi there,
      I would suggest making sure that there are no subscriptions. That isn’t something we control on our end.



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